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Anyone cleaning or freshening up their bedroom for spring? I moved states a few months ago and have finally have been feeling like I’m settled in. My bedroom also doubles as my home office so I spend a lot of time there. I’ve noticed some of my work ... 

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My biggest sleeping obstacle is my phone. So I may need to set a rule for myself to keep it out of my room or maybe just set it in my closet, I just need to figure out a reward system for myself to keep me motivated. 

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Looking for some easy to care for indoor plants and care tips. I have a fiddle tree fig and found bottom watering every 10-14 days is working! 


Beautiful plant! I water my fiddle leaf fig once a week, about 2 cups. I am a believer in nurturing plants with positivity. I named my fig Betty and I tell her how beautiful she is. She was a small cutting from my brother’s plant now she is almost as... 

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Welcome to the Well-Being Week Space. Starting Monday 1/10, we are dedicating five days to reflect, reground, and recenter. We have a jam-packed week, but our amazing Guides are here to lead the way. @Margeaux_H @Dani_P @Chris_F and @Sarah_E have som... 

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I can really use this week!Jan W 

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I’m coming back from a late night Target run and picked up ‘Please Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes’ by Black female writer Phoebe Robinson. I haven’t read a book in sooo long so I’m excited to start! What are you reading lately? Please gi... 

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I have been meaning to read this. I recently read Gabrielle Union's book "We're Going To Need Something A Little Stronger" and Will Smith's book. Both were super enlightening. Not just about them as people but life in general. 

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I've been meditating pretty consistently for several months now. But I have a really hard time focusing on my breath without my mind drifting off. I seem to do better if I can focus on a sound (ticking clock, metronome), maybe because these are a bit... 

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GREAT question @Hallcj. Coordinating our breath with numbers can be hard! It's actually quite interesting - I've found it may help to try different inputs. Auditory, visual, kinesthetic. These are all things we use in teaching movement and exercise i... 

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Just here for date ideas! Because of covid, all my boyfriend and I do as of lately is Netflix and chill. We have fun and enjoy each others company, but I’d love some date ideas that are more romantic and help get some intimacy going.( + its nice to s... 

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Thank you for all the ideas @JoyP @swei605 @Margeaux_H @Leada_M @asparling1986. I'm catching back up because Valentines day. I really like the ideas of like a cooking class or even tantric yoga 

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I want to be intentional this year about only doing things that make me feel good. Last year I would have feelings of "imposter syndrome" because I wasn't taking care of myself like I should have. I want to return to myself— to be unapologetically me... 

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Well-Being Week was great. Wanted to update: last week I cooked for my family, went to get a massage with my boyfriend, and went to the gym! It felt so good to do the things I love. Today I'm going to walk to my nearby coffee shop to get a matcha lat... 

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