Nature is our healer. When I find it challenging to find my breath or when the walls feel like they are closing in on me, I get outside.

Going out in nature doesn’t have to consist of a long half-day hike, just the simple practice of getting outdoors, even in a busy city, can be enough.


Once you are out there, no matter where you go, start by taking notice of the sounds, what do you hear? Name the sounds. For example: the birds, the wind, the cars, the laughter in the distance, the airplane.


Take a look up at the sky, what are you noticing? The colors, clouds vs. no clouds. Feel the air on your face, what does it feel like? Is it warm? Is it cool?


Maybe try bending down and placing your hands against the earth, take a deep breath and say to yourself “I am enough, I am safe” – as you continue repeating, once you start to feel your heart settle, close your eyes and breathe.

Stress and anxiety are often related to our thoughts and worries about the future or obsessions about the past. With this practice, you are tapping into your sympathetic nervous system, offering the mind an invitation to slow down and LIVE in the moment.


"I am enough, I am safe." I love this. I will hold this close and make this a part of my daily walks.


My daughter and I like to play “I spy with my little eye.” We use colors for this game and it really helps us take the time to notice the vibrant colors of the trees, flowers and sky in our neighborhood.  


@Valerie_C This is the sweetest way of practicing midfielders with kids I have ever heard! I love to just truly appreciate nature by being present with all my senses. This is awesome @allison_s - my favorite is being around water for sure. 😍