Whether you have pain with squats, lunges, or step ups's, this short video covers a LOT of new options you can try! The goal is to continue moving with pain, not through it - especially if it's holding you back. You can still honor your body's signals and get strong, making use of workouts better crafted for your needs and abilities. It's all about getting some muscle burn and feeling motivated that you and your joints got a beneficial workout done. 



Stand up and move along with the video or scroll to a specific exercise at the timestamp listed below:


0:20 Squat

1:17 Wall Sit

2:00 Wall Squat

2:30 Forward Lunge/Split Squat

3:16 Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift

4:24 Lateral Lunge

5:15 Single Leg Squat

6:06 Jumping & Impact


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