When is it time to take a rest day?


As a physical therapist I tend to see people once they've "overdone" it and things start to ache. Overtraining can sneak up on you, and even I've had to catch myself to slow down and do a recovery day. I find if I've done too much activity, I feel low energy, have trouble sleeping, and feel like I depend on coffee and pre-workout! I'm curious, are you able to read your body's cues on when to slow down? What signs do you get? 



Hi @Leada_M thanks for sharing! The number one sign that sneaks up on me that I've overtrained (mid-distance running and weight lifting) is that my muscles get really tense / twitchy when I lie down at night and I'm trying to go to sleep. (I also have dealt with restless leg syndrome on and off throughout my entire adult life, too, so also dealing with that). Yoga, meditation, baths, and stretching before bed help, as does rolling on a foam roller.

This is SO common, Marisa! I'm so glad you shared what's worked for you. I had the same experience back in PT school with not enough sleep and more than enough exercise - yoga and meditation did wonders!


@Leada_M - I’ve trained for a couple marathons and found that sticking to a schedule really helped to make sure I had built-in rest days, no matter how I was feeling. Also, taking consecutive days off can be really important to get complete rejuvenation and let your muscles really recover. 

I love to hear this! I know people will feel validated by hearing built-in rest days help. That's great that you've picked up on your body's cues especially with such intense training schedules. Nailed it!