What's Your Theme for 2022?


Happy first Monday of the New Year! Is anyone else excited about all the possibilities that lie ahead? ⁠ ⁠ Every year I do a vision board to help manifest what I would like to come to fruition for the year but, I recently read a post from a friend about honing in on 1 word to help create a theme for the year, so this year I'm going to try that too.⁠ ⁠


I think my word/theme for this year is "Explore". I am excited to explore in the traditional sense of travel., I'm definitely going to do more of that. But, I also want to explore new things in general. New opportunities, adventures, myself, friendships, connections, creative projects, collaborations anything that takes me outside of my usual and helps me to expand myself, my knowledge and understanding and of the world.⁠


If you had one word to describe your theme for 2022 what would it be? What are you looking to step into this year?⁠ ⁠ Wishing you a fabulous first week of possibilities!⁠ ⁠xx M

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I love this! A friend of mine does this and I decided to follow suit. My word is “home”. It’s about feeling at home with myself, at home with my growth, and cultivating a physical home space where I can celebrate being my authentic self!

I love  the word "Home" especially feeling at home with yourself...that's beautiful! 

Love this! At the moment I feel like I am finally emerging into 2022 after recovering from covid and having kids at home from daycare praying they don’t get sick only to have them pick it up once they are back in school. I feel like I am in survival mode however after reading your post I am going to flip the script. My word is “Thrive” moving towards more vibrant, flourishing, energetic life. Many thanks 🙏

Yes!!  "Thrive" is such a strong word...love this as a theme for 2022!


Perfect!  My work is "progress".  I didn't think too much about it but "progress" suits me.  Just small things added on top of each other to build the home and life and thrive and all the words mentioned before.  Just "progress" a little each day and I hope to create more of what I love into my life by taking small steps daily towards them.  I always plan to big and seem to fail so instead I just do the next right thing and a loose schedule to "attempt" each day something.  ❤️  thank you!  

*word not work.  ❤️ 

Progress is such a great theme.  Often times we are so focused on the big picture and all the things we need that we don't stop and applaud ourselves along the way.  Cheers to progress!