What does a mindfulness practice look like in REAL life?


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Hi AthletaWell friends! Happy Friday! Did you find any mindful moments during your busy week? Read my personal experience here of how transferring my mindfulness practice off my meditation cushion and into my every day life (IE deep breathing in my car 🚙 while gripping the steering wheel) helped me to leave a job when it was time for me to move forward, finish grad school, and get my own place. 


What about you? How do you practice mindfulness "real time?" What does that look like for you in everyday situations? Share your tips in the comments below!



I find the supermarket checkout line very triggering- it’s the place that seems to bring out everybody’s bad behavior 😂 When things are going slowly I take a deep breath and remind myself that the store where I shop is really understaffed and I try to imagine myself as the checkout person. And then I tell myself to just chill out for a minute and wait and then I’ll be on my way!

As a Retail GM this makes my heart happy! The struggle is real and understaffing wears on our teams as much as it wears on our customers. We appreciate compassion and empathy as we all try to navigate the worldwide reshuffle.

thanks for sharing this experience here @KPIANALTO I thought the "understaffing" was primarily affecting food / supermarket industry. thanks for pointing out what you're encountering in your work in retail, too. compassion and empathy as you mention are key 🔑

Check out lines are definitely a great place to practice slowing down! Also, putting yourself in the seat of the other person is such a great compassion practice! This is wonderful to hear. 

I listen to the 10 minute Daily Trips on the Calm App as I drive to work. The Boggle is my favorite. Changing or channeling mindset is important prep for a successful day.