Types of meditation practices that you may enjoy...


Meditation is often seen as an ‘escape’ from reality, but the practice of Mindfulness Meditation is about bringing us closer to our thoughts and awareness, even if those thoughts are unpleasant in any given moment. Developing a practice isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do, but can be a game changer to support your awareness of self.

What method(s) of meditation do you prefer? Silent, guided, with music, eating, walking?


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Good reminder, @allison_s! Walking is definitely meditation for me these days. I try not to put on a podcast but rather music or nothing at all to stay present and give my brain a rest. It can be tempting to walk to "maximize" my walking by learning something new or calling a friend. Better to just walk and just be 🙂

Absolutely! I love walking meditation too. I will often allow myself to notice my environment and that becomes the practice itself. I wrote an article on this that you may enjoy reading 🙂 


How to make nature part of your practice.  

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Walking with my dog, Honey, is 100% the go-to for me as well. 

What a cute puppy name! Yes, walking seems to be enjoyed by many of you. 😁


Love walking too! I worked with an Ayurvedic specialist last year who recommended 20 mins of unplugged time in nature. No music or podcasts like @asparling1986 @wrote). Even just spending a minute looking at the petals of a flower or feeling the texture of a leaf. I think this counts as meditation! It definitely calms and connects me to myself. 

Absolutely - that mindful moment of noticing the nature around us can really make a lasting difference. I love that you said this helps you connect you to yourself - we ARE nature - there is no separation. 🌿

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I prefer guided while laying down or sitting upright. Though I love the apps, there’s something about a live (or zoom) guided meditation that really makes a difference for me. 

I like guided too!

I agree, Margie! Practicing in community is also one of my favorite ways to meditate. 


First guided meditation ive done is one of your videos @allison_s and I’m excited to try more!

Oh that's so sweet to hear, Casey. I look forward to practicing with you. 😊


I love recorded meditations to listen to. I do this first thing in the morning with my cup of tea. Looking forward to yours!


I feel like each form has their time and place and I kind of love having a toolbox.  My fave way is always in nature. Trail running feels especially meditative to me.   I know its not usually on the list but honestly it has given me the most profound and consistent source of connection to nature, myself and the wider universe than anything else. 

Nature is a huge part of my own personal practice and I love how you've made trail running yours. As I say often, anything can be meditative, if we are brining our full awareness to each moment within that experience. I shared an article in my first comment response that you may also enjoy reading. 😊

Thank you - look forward to reading it!


You know, I probably need to brush up on my definition of "meditation." But I'm so glad you started this conversation. I think without knowing it, my meditation to me is when I cut all added technology and bustle out and just sit and BE... I love doing this by the water or in nature! Specifically out by the Port of Oakland overlooking the bay. Speaking of, I might need to do some today. Love this thread!

Thanks Leada, I hope you were able to make it out to the water. 🙂