Reminder! Have you checked in with yourself while at the desk yet?


Calling all Athletawell members who work at a desk or are working-from-home!


Last week I shared some tips on how to best set up your workstation for optimal comfort. You can find the post here. After chatting through conversations in the Recovery & Restore space, it seems that most of us have trouble:

  • knowing "how" to sit and if it's okay to change positions, work at the couch, on the floor, etc. 
  • managing time for breaks (movement/water/etc) during our long work streaks.
  • are unsure how to best set up our screens and chairs for less neck and shoulder pain. 

As we approach the final 2 weeks of September, I'd love to hear if you've had any WIN's with this!



Have you checked in with you work/desk routine? What have you changed? What have you learned about your physical and mental needs through the workday?


Be well,

Dr. Leada


Community Manager
Community Manager

I've moved around much more during the day! From the desk to dining table to couch, shifting seats is feeling good on my body. I've also tried to add in some mid-day super quick stretches. It's all feeling pretty good! Thank you @Leada_M !

YES @Margie I love to hear it! I find it's a relief to know we can switch around our positions and it's not as horrible as we once thought a while ago.. lol! Glad to hear it's going well 🙂 sound's like a great system!


I hadn't thought about using my yoga blocks as foot rests, that has been a big posture improvement!

Yay! Thanks for sharing the good news @sandykate! They honestly are such a cheap fix and I use them for so much. What a hack 😉 

Instead of sitting for my afternoon calls I stood up to chat. Definitely felt a lot better for my back to change up my position.

I've been standing more at my cart at work too @Valerie_C ! I noticed I'm feeling a bit more energized than before. Happy to hear you made a little swap for the better!