Massage guns, rollers, etc.: Gift suggestions? Questions?



Hey Athletawell! 


As the holiday season comes around and fun tools make good gifts, I often get asked if things like a vibrating foam rollers, massage gun, or other tools are worth it. The simplest answer I give is: they make nice additions to a healthy routine, are not necessary for pain relief, but can be a great gift and are nice for the travelling, active person too. Ideally, I use these after workouts for recovery, and not to treat pain itself as they may aggravate true injuries. These are great for the daily active individual with no major concerns, or to use on a healthier area of the body post-activity. 


Do you have questions on any GIFT ideas you think you may want to buy your loved ones? Do you have any recommendations you've loved so far? Let's chat! 👇


My husband is a big fan of the hypervolt, electric massager. I find it way too strong for my muscles however it was pretty helpful when I had clogged ducts when I was breastfeeding. I like using heat on my muscles so a heating pad for my neck and shoulders would be a great gift. I prefer the non-electric types that you can heat up in the microwave.

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The Homedics Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder massager actually feels like hands rubbing your neck and shoulders- it’s amazing!!