Make the most out of December - Resolution prep.

I always feel like January gets dumped on with New Years resolutions, the stress of starting them with a good enough plan, and the question of “will I follow through this year?” As a result, the suboptimal planning for January’s kickoff sometimes results in early burnout, injury, and feeling like you could’ve done better. I’m not sure what resolutions I have yet, if any, but I know I want to continue with my consistency in the gym and get a better hold of my time. I’m by no means “ready” to think about January, but… I’m brainstorming ways I can rearrange my time in the future. Not with any hard deadlines right now, but just a thought. Consider it the contemplative stage if you know the stages of change! And if you’re someone that really likes to kick off the new year with a physical goal of some sort - absolutely no shame if not (I’m not), I would recommend doing some leisurely research on tools you need to succeed! Shoewear, gear, exploring group classes, new running trails, training programs. Chances are they’re even on sale now so that’s a win. Invest in yourself a little by adding some light mobility and strengthening your weak spots to reduce injury risk. How do you plan on spending December as a *leisurely* paces prep month? I can’t believe we made it here already!! Cheers to you! Dr. Leada

This is so on point for me right now! I was thinking about my monthly goals and how the New Year is quickly approaching. I am one of those people with the bad habit of saying I am going to start something tomorrow until it is indefinitely postponed lol. I have a hip flexor injury atm and plan to continue with gentle exercise, yoga and plenty of stretching to prepare for next the New Year’s ballet schedule.

Omg! I’m so happy you said this. I am a PROFESSIONAL procrastinator. Honestly I’m so good at waiting till the last minute and getting it done — but it always causes me stress I’m working on it!! Lol! Did you say ballet? Are you a dancer?! I’ve worked with MANY ballerinas as a PT so I love talking about dance medicine!