How are you finding rest this weekend?


The holiday weekend is upon us and I for one am really looking forward to some down time. Lately I've been feeling like I have been on go, go, go and really need some space to come to a full stop.  The beach is calling my name.  Paddle boarding, drinking nice wine, catching some sunrises and sunsets, feeling the sun on my skin as I lay in stillness and work on my tan and reconnecting with friends, feels like the perfect way to spend this long weekend.  What are your plans for rest this holiday weekend?



Feeling thankful for the ability to be with friends and family this holiday weekend!! Bring on the sunshine and good times! ☀️  I might have to whip up one of these margarita recipes🍹

Love Margarita's please share any and all recipes 😁


@Margeaux_H thanks for getting this important thread started! I am SO READY to unplug and unwind! My only plans are to read, read, and read! I'm reading Yoke by Jessamyn Stanley, re-reading Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, and reading the last few issues of Bon Appetit magazine for summer recipes!

Yoke is on my reading list..let me know what you think.


@Margeaux_H this sounds like an amazing weekend! I'll be heading to the beach as well, and may even hop on the surfboard for the first time since last fall. @LanC I know you're a surfing queen these days! Are you going to catch some waves?


@Marisa I've been reading Malibu Rising, a light beach read, but I'm really interested to read both Yoke and Handmaids tale! Do you watch the tv show?

@mmyogabeach2 I hope you have great surf report this weekend! I'm almost done reading Yoke and am watching Season 2 of Handmaids Tale on Hulu 🌊 have fun! 🙌

I just finished watching most current season on wild.

Sounds like a lovely holiday...hope it was restful. Yoke is on my reading list but I just watched last season on Handmaids Tale ond OMG.