Day 4: Pick Up Trash

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We hope today you're feeling grounded and centered after listing to New! 10-min Guided Walking Meditationwith @Margeaux_H. It was such a lovely walking meditation and we are feeling GREAT walking the rest of this week.


As we walk outside, one of the best ways to connect with nature is to take care of Mother Earth. Today we ask that on your walk, you bring a bag and some gloves to pick up trash during your walk.  




Earth Day is tomorrow, and this is a great way to celebrate (also a way to get your squats in during your walk). What are ways you're trying to reduce your carbon footprint? Do you have any sustainability tips and tricks to share?


Tell us in the comments below if there was a lot of trash on your walk? Did you realize how much trash there really is on the ground? Do you feel a sense of responsibility for nature after your walk?

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My hike was in a nearby canyon and there was no trash to be found.  There rarely is, which makes me happy.  In the state park, they've got doggie bags available for hikers with dogs, so they can pick up and dispose of their dog's waste.  I have seen these other places and think they are a great idea!

Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm so glad your hike wasn't filled with trash!! I love seeing the doggy bags when I walk around, next step is making sure people actually use them lol @kmariem 


I've been taking walks in my neighborhood and am fortunate that most neighbors keep it neat.  


I usually walk along the ocean or the strand … I am always disappointed at the amount of trash, masks, bottles, etc. are just lying everywhere!  I pick it up as I go…. I just wish people would take the time to put trash in the cans!  There is really no excuse….trash cans are everywhere!  


I walked in a neighborhood park that is also (thankfully) very clean and devoid of trash (a lot of dogs there too and people are very good about cleaning up that as well). I appreciate respectful neighbors!


 I've just been appointed to my city's Park Board. I'm going to suggest we put more trash cans on our bike/walking paths for just this reason!!


I live in New York City, so there definitely is a lot of trash throughout my walk. Actually being mindful & aware of it makes me feel a sense of responsibility to Mother Earth, to at least do my part to help & to tread lightly.