Competitive Mind Set gone awry?


I am hyper competitive. Without my professional sports career (retired 10 year soccer pro- in US and Japan) to funnel my "drive", that mentality can spin out in all sorts of crazy directions. 


When I am not well rested and around "like minded", positive people, my batteries drain quickly at my age (51). 


I can, for the most part control my "rest", but I can't always control the people. ha! 


So, I have to take up my "self care" another notch. 


More soaking. Less gossip.

More time outdoors. Less time on Netflix.

More time breathing and knowing I'm breathing. Less time not breathing scrolling Instagram.

More time talking to my kids. Less time "working" while my kids are at home.

More time remembering my dreams. Less time living in victim mentality.


Hope this inspires your competitive juices to find "healthier" outlets. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

I swear I wish I had a bubble to only be around positive, like-minded people 😂 Thanks for these tips @BeBright. I also find that when I am around "negative" people, I have to put boundaries up with not only them, but for myself. I can easily get sucked back in, when I know that the moment is pulling me away from myself.

I love telling myself I don't like to gossip... as I'm gossiping. 🤔

Community Manager
Community Manager

thanks for sharing this @BeBright I have a bad habit of being on my phone when I should be sitting chatting face to face with my husband instead. I'm trying to eliminate this "multitasking" of attention. 

It's so funny. I'm not on the phone and then, as soon as the kids come down for breakfast... I find myself on my phone. ha! 


@BeBright thanks for sharing!  I am definitely competitive as well however in the past several years I've turned that competitiveness inwards just as you stated, "I have to take up my "self care" another notch."


I like to end my day with a check in. 

-What worked today?

-What didn't work?

-What can I improve upon?


 Competing with myself to transform my body/mind/soul into the best version of myself that I can be is truly centering and allows me to be a guiding light to those around me.  Love your name @BeBright 

Love those end of day highlight reflection points! 


Thank you!!!!