August Book Recommendation - Zenju Earthlyn Manuel


Every month I'll offer a book recommendation that invites you deeper into the practice of meditation. Check out our first book by Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, The Deepest Peace: Contemplations from a Season of Stillness


While there is suffering, there is also space for deep peace. In this book, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel offers us a glimpse into how their personal meditation practice and journey invites space for healing and deeper peace. I recently read this book and felt so moved by Zenju's gentle sprit that could easily be felt through her writing. It helped me to recognize ways I can still find softness in the midst of my sometimes challenging meditation practice.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for the rec @allison_s! What is the book about? I'm not much of a reader (and love a good spoiler) so I like to know a little bit before I jump in haha

Agree! Would love to get a quick synopsis so we can see if it’s what we’re looking to learn at the moment. Thank you for leading this book group!

Thank you! I did not want to give too much away but have shared some more thoughts above. 💕

Hi Vanessa, I've added a bit more above! Check it out! 💗