Rest & Recharge • 15 min watch

Start with Awareness—On Demand Body Scan


Let's check in. How are you?  


But really, how are you in this moment, right now? 


To work toward grounding, we need to start with an awareness of where we are, physically and mentally. If you’re not sure how to articulate it, or are feeling blocked, take a few minutes to get quiet and observe. Your body will tell you what's going on.  


Check out this calming 12-minute body scan to get still, drop into your body, and invite awareness in. It’s a fantastic way to start your week or to check back in when you’re feeling overwhelmed or off balance. 



After finishing the body scan, share what you noticed with the AthletaWell community. Did you notice a tightness in your chest? Was it hard to slow down and stay still?  Or did you notice thoughts coming in which sped up your breath? There's no wrong answer!  

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