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Join the Revive to Thrive Challenge with a fresh drop of 10-min classes from obé Fitness to help you breathe new life into your wellness routine. These classes are low-impact workouts, regenerative joint therapy practices, and more to help you take care of your body and beyond. Join the Prioritizing You group and do the workouts to hit reset and recommit to your goals! Classes drop 9/12 so stay tuned.


🎥  Low Impact Boxing

An all levels fun + beat driven cardio boxing!


1_Alex S_Low Impact Boxing.png


🎥  Hip Opener Yoga

Release tension as you hold this series of restorative poses.


2_Alex S_Hip Opener Yoga.png


🎥  Upper Body Strength

A quick, effective upper body functional strength circuit!


3_Melody D_Upper Body Strength.png


🎥  Full Body Stretch

A full body mat-based stretch.


5_Full Body Stretch.png


🎥  Lower Body Strength (Register now to join the class LIVE)

A quick, effective lower body functional strength circuit!


4_Melody D_Lower Body Strength.png


Comment below which workout was your favorite!


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Community Manager

So excited for these classes to drop! 🥳