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To celebrate the end of the Revive to Thrive 5-day challenge, obé Fitness instructor Melody Z answers our questions on all things fitness! She sits down in a live Q&A with AthletaWell members to help you get back on track and recommit to your goals.


She answers your questions on metabolism changes, stretching before and after your workouts, addressing left/right side imbalances, working out postpartum, and more! Thank you to @nwoodkfh@JessNguyen@GoodbyeVal@cbadarac@Judychuang, and @AngelicaW7 for your questions 😁


4 Fitness Tips from Melody:


Find your groove: Aim to strength train 2x a week to get you on the right track.


Get your balance: Try split-side training with the same resistance to give your weaker side a chance to build muscle and become symmetrical.


Repetition is key: Random training typically leads to random results. Find exercises that work for you and perform them consistently over time for results.


Every little bit counts: Squeeze in little moments of movement where you can. Whether its just 5 or 10 minutes, get a quick class or walk in because it all counts.




🎥. Check out Melody's 10-min Lower Body Strength class and the rest of the Revive to Thrive classes to breathe new life in your routine!


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