A year and a half ago if you would have told me I'd be on social media I would have laughed and said "yeah, right."

I was working 40 hours a week in a comfortable, very busy outpatient physical therapy clinic. I had my routine down. There was no need for change.


Then, the pandemic happened. It shook something as "secure" as outpatient sports physical therapy and my daily purpose was no longer needed. My first concern was my patients, suddenly stripped of their usual physical therapy and exercise plan. ⁣ What about the people with recent surgeries? The complicated cases? The kid who was just about to return to soccer? The person who had finally experienced relief after a year of chronic pain? ⁣

I started my own business to reach people who needed help to keep moving but couldn’t go into a clinic. Simple. Sports were cancelled, so I pivoted to all things healthy movement with the detailed eye I use in sports PT  - hence my approach to teaching information on here. ⁣ Over the next few months I tried applying to several new jobs without any luck (rare in PT) & ultimately came to crossroads that caused me to make a decision that best respected my personal & professional growth and abilities. I decided to pursue my own business for the foreseeable future.⁣

The doors that opened when I decided to put myself first were beyond what I imagined. I'm not one to give half-effort to projects if I do them, so I took on completely foreign concepts of entrepreneurship and social media and dove head first.  And surprisingly, my Instagram took off and the need for virtual PT was clearly there. 


In comes: Athletawell.


When I was in college and physical therapy school, I’d get Fitness, Oxygen Mag, and Women’s Health magazines and read the articles with unique exercises and an entire message dedicated to achieving a healthier well being. I bookmarked pages with healthy recipes. I invested in workout clothes like Athleta. I looked up to the physical therapists & trainers sharing their expertise in articles for people like me…a college student & personal trainer with aspirations of working in physical therapy. I wanted to know how to be healthier and make the most out of the body & mind I was granted, to help others do the same.I became a version of this healthy ME that I didn’t know outside of Leada the setter. Thanks to the women I was learning from in the magazines and my curiosity.

Fast forward to 10 years later…now I’M the professional speaking on how to live a healthier life to a community invested in their own health. It still doesn’t feel real and holy cow I am so grateful. When you’re passionate about helping the masses, it’s so empowering to find a team that believes in the same mission. “did we just become best friends?!” That is how I feel about the team here on Athletawell.

Life is about making an absolute party of an experience to help achieve your ultimate level of well-being. People like YOU
 made me feel like a physical therapist again when there was no work available. You gave me purpose during the pandemic and a way to spend my energy doing something productive and meaningful despite the challenges and doubts thrown my way. I chose this profession to help people.⁣

Thank you for all the tears and uncertainty, 2020. And thank you for helping me be a physical therapist when it felt impossible.⁣

I'm not sure who needs to hear this, but you may never feel ready. It may always feel unknown. You may be doubted along the way. Do it anyway. Because what if something bigger than what you think may happen?


Tell me about a Win you had over the last 1-2 years in the comments.

Let's celebrate it, because you deserve it!⁣

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