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Prioritizing You Conversations


Anyone else feel like they prioritize their success on someone else’s feedback or validation? it’s extremely discouraging when the people around you either aren’t thinking the same way as you are, or aren’t doing the same thing as you as far as goals... 

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I really want to become a morning person but find it so difficult. I usually sleep until the very last minute and wake up super tired. Even when my body naturally wakes up, I can't bring myself to actually get up. I'd love to have a consistent wake u... 

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Hello ladies! Welcome June and summertime ☀️ What are your favorite ways to restore and recharge during the summer? For me it is getting lost in a good book in the warm sun while sipping on a refreshing glass of iced tea. Beautiful views are a pleasa... 

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This Spring I'm creating new routines and trying to incorporate good habits! What is something you do daily that makes you feel like you *got it together*? I would love to get some inspiration and ideas on things to help me feel productive, feel good... 

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