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    What is your Word or Theme for the 2023?


    At the start of every year I like to think of a theme or a word that can describe what I would like to focus on that year. So, as  2022 comes to a close I have spent the last few weeks thinking about what I want to manifest for 2023.  When I started my Well-being journey in 2017 I had no idea what I was embarking on, but after sepnding 2 years letting go of childhood trama, emotional and physical wieght, follwed by my Yoga teacher training, I thought OK, I've  "Done the work" and can now move forward in my life.  Boy was I wrong.  Over this past year I am realzing it's not as easy as that and there is always more work to be done.   Toward the end of this year I had to make made some serious decions about my health, which is bringing about both physical and way more emotional change than I anticipated.  So my theme for 2023 is "Evolution".  I am moving through another cycle of evolving even more deeply into who I am and how I show up in the world.  This should make for an interesting New Year!  I'm wondering, does anyone else like to move through the year with a theme or word that keeps them grounded?  If so, what is your word or theme for 2023?

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    Definitely do the same thing. Though I start it every year on my birthday.

    Oh I like that for your birthday.

    I do! My word for 2022 was community. And my new word is stillness. I’m hoping to slow down the checking off the to-do list and spend more time just being. Your story is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I hope 2023 brings you incredible evolution of mind, body, and spirit.

    There is so much magic in stillness. That is something I actively try to practice as I am someone who is always doing a million things and never want to say no.  Sitting in stillness is powerful, and I hope you find lots of it this year.

    Love this! I do it every year and my word Hope became the middle name of my daughter one year;) This year my word is connection. . . to God, my family, the youth I volunteer with ❤️

    What a great story and way to find your daughter's middle name.  Connection is such a great word for the year.  Wishing you a beautifully connected 2023!

    happy new year


    My word is fearless. I think too often I let myself get sidetracked and prioritize everything else and then there's nothing left for me. Like you Margeux I have done a lot of work to heal from past trauma and while I have found peace, those "ugly monsters" emerge sometimes (when I'm in disequilibrium ). So with being fearless in mind, I will carve out that time for myself to do the things that are important to me. I just started working on getting my yoga certification, and I'm looking forward to that journey!

    Those F$$$ Ugly Monsters! Excited for you to embark on your yoga teacher certifiaction.  It will be such a transformative time, and is definintely something that takes alot of commitment so YAY for you and this new journey.  Let me know how it goes.


    Oh, I like this.  I love your story, the realization that there is always work to be done.  I hope your year evolves beautifully.  I keep coming back to the idea of giving myself grace.  So my word for this year will be grace.  Giving myself some gentleness, kindness, and well, grace to just be me and be ok with that.  

    Grace is such a great theme.  I will definitely need to add a little of that into my year of Evolution :).  Whiching you a magical 2023 xx M


    I'm on a similar journey: moved to a new state leaving a much loved career behind, had to reinvent myself when that same career could not be reproduced, finding a new job, health issues, marriage health issues, losing family members and dear friends, and confronting my past and present through therapy. Keeping all of this in motion to create a new me, a post menopausal, lonely for the old me, is at times heavy, and I need to dig in to forgive myself, accept myself, believe in my gifts/differences, and re energize-hard to do every single day, but I'm trying. So mine is a two word: try again.  Relook at the same moment that might be bringing me down and trying it again.  Restart a day, in my head or my actions, and try again.  Restart a dialogue when things get sticky, and try again.  Believing that it is all going to make a full life story for me, just my story, and believing that it is all worth it.

    @JulieG578 Well it sounds like you have had quite a year and alot to move through in this next part of your journey.  I love "Try Again".  I always like to remind myself that I can start over as many times as I need.  I try to think of starting again, not as failure, but the opportunity to try again each time from a place of more knowledge.  Wishing you peace and the continued spirit to keep trying again! xx M