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What is something you're passionate about and how did you discover it?


Lately, I have been reflecting a lot on the distinction between my hobbies, my passions and my responsibilities, lol! My intention here is NOT to split hairs; but a little self-inventory never hurts 😅 Anywhoo, I figured I would pose the question to the community: What is something you're passionate about and how did you discover it?


ooooohhh! This is a good one! My life experiences have led me to my passion, and what I believe is my life’s purpose, to guide women in midlife and beyond to their happiest and most fulfilling lives. Supporting women on their journey to where they want to be is what lights me up! I’m 55 and committed to living the rest of my life without the constraints of ‘acting my age’. This is a beautiful place to be and it’s my passion to help other women discover that, too!

I love that you've allowed your life experience to lead you to your passion and purpose, because i am assuming your experiences encompass the good, difficult and everything in between! Cheers to living life without the constraints of acting our age🙌


I am a Personal Trainer and I also do a ton of injury prevention with neurology!   So cool, the brain runs our body so why not start there for an injury! I do it because it makes me very happy to see people get out of pain and look surprised!! Do what makes you happy and is LEGAL! ha