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What does (realistic) self-care look like during the holiday season?


Hi, friends! As we near the end of 2022 (wild!), I wanted to share something I've been thinking about lately.


How does one make time for self-care during an otherwise busy time of year? Is it possible to fill up your cup when you're already stretched thin? If those questions ring a bell, here are a couple of ways you can nourish yourself when life feels very...full. 🙂


1. Unlike the glamorized self-care we see on social media, one of the simplest forms of self-care is rooted in how you talk to yourself — your inner-voice. No matter your circumstances, be mindful of the way you talk to yourself. Are you speaking kindly? Is your inner-dialogue empowering and self-compassionate or degrading and unkind? If you find it's mostly the latter, begin a new self-care habit of talking to yourself the way you'd talk to a close friend, your daughter, your grandmother, etc.


2. Start every day with a feel-good ritual. This can be as simple as making your bed and envisioning the wonderful things that are going to happen during your day, going outside and breathing in a few cold, invigorating breaths, turning on happy jams and dancing in your kitchen, etc. The way you start your morning is the energy you carry all day.


3. Do something, every day, that your future self will thank you for. This is one of my favorite forms of self-care. A few examples:


  • If you're using the oven to make dinner, add an extra sheet pan of roasted veggies for tomorrow's lunch. Alternatively, while you wait for dinner to cook, make a quick batch of chia pudding or overnight oats for tomorrow's breakfast.
  • Before you go to bed, clean the kitchen and put a chilled glass of water with lemon the fridge.
  • Write yourself a little love note and leave it on your bathroom counter.
  • Pull out your exercise clothes before you go to bed.
  • Make a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and store the dough balls in the freezer for when a cookie craving strikes. 

I hope these ideas give you some food for thought! Self-care can be as simple (or as complex) as you make it. Take care! Come say hi over at or Instagram


Community Manager
Community Manager

This is great advice! @sotoalyssalol #2 reminds me of you -- you do an amazing job dressing up and making you feel good for your workouts. I took a page out of your book and started putting on a little makeup every day, even if I'm just at home or running errands. Makes me feel more productive and ready to take on the day 😄


@Vanessa - I always forget how much of a difference it makes to get (somewhat) put together every day! It's just too easy to stay in athleisure (hiiii, Athleta) all day. 🙃


Thank you, Edie! This really resonated with me. 

So happy it resonated, Cannon! Take care and happy holidays. -E


I really love your examples and this topic!!  Holidays can be tough!  Personally, I hate them.  So much stress for the "Perfect Gift", the "Perfect Meal" even the "Perfect Outfit".  I do think it's so important to give yourself a break and take some deep breaths, and remind myself about the "Why" I am doing what I am doing and "What" my purpose is.  So, I do everything I can to stay positive....forgiving myself for indulging and I know it really is the little things in life that matter.

So glad they were helpful, Jojo! Unfortunately, I think the whole notion of "Keeping Up With The Joneses" paints such a tainted (and quite frankly, unrealistic!) expectation as to how the holidays should look. At the end of the day, it's not about how the holidays look, it's how they feel. Focus on making others feel loved, appreciated, and nourished, and you'll walk away from the holidays with a very full cup. Blessings to you and happy holidays, Jojo!

Thank you and Happy Holidays to you!!  My husband and I were just talking about the pressure of Keeping up with the Jones!!  I agree 100%, it is how they feel!!  As I get older, I do understand that more!!  Thank you for your wisdom!!!

Of course! It's *so* hard to avoid that pressure, especially with everything we see on social media. If necessary, take a little social media break during the holidays and then catch up in January. xx