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    Tell me: Who are the women that keep you well?


    Happy Monday amazing community! Okay, so with International Women's Day this week, I wanted to celebrate the women in our lives who have encouraged us in some way (big or small) on our well-being journey. Is it your workout buddy, a co-worker, best friend, therapist, pastor, physician, or Oprah herself?  


    Comment below and tell me: Who keeps you well? Tag them if they’re on AthletaWell! 


    So I’ll go first: My mother's vulnerability helped me recognize the symptoms of depression early in my life, which allowed me to care for myself more effectively had I not known. My little sister's carefree nature is a constant reminder that fun and pleasure can coexist with all of the responsibilities on my plate. My "sister-friends" (some of whom I've known since I was 13 years old) never hesitate to pour love and wisdom into me! And shout out to my fellow AthletaWell Guides who are in community with us all here @Kameelah_P, @Oumou_S , @Lauren_R, @Vanessa_B


    So who would you like to recognise?!💕

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    Oh and P.S. Here are two ways to celebrate the remarkable women in your life: 

    • Send them a message of gratitude – a quick text goes a long way! 
    • Take a reflective moment to appreciate them. 

    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Love this so much -- texted my mom and sister, thank you for the reminder to reach out 😍 @Nichomi_H 


    My mom! She has always been a non-judgmental listening ear for as long as I can remember. She was also my first example of a woman who prioritized her own wellbeing, no matter what else was on her plate (work, being a mom, etc.). I grew up going to the gym with my mom and taking advantage of the kids clubs in the 90s to now working in wellbeing and watching her teach fitness classes in her mid 60s. A wellbeing hero in my books and always an inspiration to me and anyone who meets her. I should probably just text her this entire message tomorrow for IWD :). Thanks @Nichomi_H xxx

    I am certain she would love to see this message! 


    My grandmother! I am so thankful for her. She is the strongest, most caring woman I know, and even though I'm an adult now too, she never hesitates to take care of me when I need it ❤️

    Grandma we salute you!!❤️


    My close girlfriends and now my two daughters. They care for me by checking in, making time for our relationship, and by demonstrating good self-care.

    Sounds like a great support system @grassfedwellnes!! 

    I love this! My daughter also an amazing example of self-care.  Cheer s to your beautiful support system. Remember to send them a little I love you/thank you text!