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How many steps need to be in my skincare routine, really?


Confession time—I'm mid-30s, and I only started a REAL skincare regimen last year. It was the pandemic and I was bored at home in my PJs and not feeling great in my body for lack of regular self-care outlets such as massage, acupuncture, etc, so I treated myself to a full line of skincare. I use cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and eye cream. Twice weekly I use a charcoal mask on my pores (and on my armpits, too, BTW!) What about you? Is this excessive or does it sound about right? Can I skip some of these? PS Don't really see any difference in my skin other than that the products feel nice going on : )



I have been following a skincare routine since my early 20s (thanks Mom!) I definitely notice a difference when I slack off - and especially noticed a big difference when I jumped from drugstore brands to nicer product lines. I have tried a bunch of them, including R+F and found my skin really loves Beautycounter the best. My skin feels fresh and glowing and I have noticed lines receding, which is awesome as I am only a couple years away from 4-0. The products aren’t cheap, but they last SO long in the end they are cheaper than R+F. 

I think in the end, skincare is largely preventative. If done correctly and started early enough it’s not so much that you see huge changes as that you are preventing the issues in the first place. 

Bravo for taking the time for a little self-love!

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Community Manager

This sounds pretty good @aquagal49! I have always had acne problems, and notice it gets much worse when I'm stressed. I do my skincare routine twice a day: cleanser > retinol (night) > brightening serum > moisturizer > sunscreen (morning). I found simple but effective skin care routines work best (also being sure I am applying my products correctly). I exfoliate once a day with either my gentle silicon scrub pad or with a towel.


I found that once i simplified my skincare and balanced my own skin out I was able to have less breakouts.  If you haven't considered hydration I highly recommend working really hard to make sure you are consuming at least half of your body weight in h2o alone.  If you are consuming anything else let it be on top of that number. All those things sound about right.  I'm a late 30s and for SURE am more diligent than when I was younger.  I am a personal fan of Beautycounter and have definitely drank the kool-aid on what it means to be clean!  Goooood LUCK