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    How do you protect your energy?


    Happy Monday.  I hope you had a great weekend. I took the time to really rest and recharge and gave alot of thought about how much energy I have been giving to others recently.  When I think about the most valuable resource we have it is our energy.  Choosing when, where and with whom to share that with can be difficult for me at times, because I want to show up for everyone and do everything. This often leaves me feeling super drained with not much left for myself.  So, lately, instead of saying yes to everything I have been tapping into the power of saying "No" without  any explantaion.  In the past I would have felt I needed to give you a reason why I wasn't available, but these days I am choosing to do what I need to do to take care of myself first. I have come to realize that my energy is a privelage and I need to be selective about how and with who I share it with.  I'm interetsed to hear what tecchniques y'all use to protect and share your energy wisely?

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Planning out my time has helped me manage my energy! Allotting specific time so I can re-center / do what I need to do makes it so much easier to prioritize my time. Penciling in potential times for other people also gives me an idea of how much I am able to give. I also make sure I schedule time to do...nothing. Doing nothing is a necessary activity and I find that I am much more productive throughout the week when I allow myself to just be me.


    I actually haven't been feeling like me the past few weeks so I took this weekend to get back to me and OMG. I didn't realize how much I miss me. This post @Margeaux_H reaffirms that taking time for myself was a really good choice!!

    I love the idea of putting time on the calendar to do absolutely nothing.  I am going to start adding that to my planner.  I needed this weekend as well...I actually sat in front of the AC beacuse we are having a heatwave in NYC and watched way more tv than I have in ages...it felt soooo good.

    yesss @Margeaux_H that sounds like the life! Binging tv or just scrolling through your phone can be really therapeutic, especially after a long day/week. Last night I had a chance to binge a few episodes of Manifest on Netflix (so so good!) after my workout and waking up today, I think my body is very grateful for the rest!