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    Do better for YOU!!

    Anyone else feel like they prioritize their success on someone else’s feedback or validation? it’s extremely discouraging when the people around you either aren’t thinking the same way as you are, or aren’t doing the same thing as you as far as goals and what makes you “successful”. So you want to accomplish so much But you forgetting that it’s for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with having yourself to please when you make goals. They’re really only meant for you and to say that they’re not somebody else’s goals is completely fine. in fact, it’s bonus points when you do have that encouraging group or outlook, but there’s nothing wrong with being your own cheerleader. when the people around you weren’t pushing you it’s important to validate yourself and realize that you can push yourself. as for me I’m tired of feeling like I need to be successful for somebody else or for somebody more than me and there’s nothing wrong with that. ❤️
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    Great reminder @sotoalyssalol. I try to only keep relationships with people that are the same path that I'm on -- people who are kind, supportive, and only want the best for me. Always bet on yourself! You are totally right, you only need to be successful for your own self. As long as you're happy, then that's all that matters. 


    Yes! Many of us base our self worth on other's opinions on us, even when their opinions don't line up with what's truly important to us. It's so so SO important to be your own cheerleader and to stick to the goals that matter to you. That's ultimately how we feel good about ourselves, even though sometimes there's a false believe that getting other's approval will bring us lasting contentment. How wonderful that you're turning inward to see what matters most to you ❤️


    Funny enough, I actually just wrote an article here on Athleta Well about prioritizing your values entitled There is no Right Way to Live. There's also a  meditation that goes along with the article - Live Life on Your Terms. Hope these are helpful in your journey toward prioritizing what's most important to you! 😊


    It's taken time to get past that mindset, but with age comes wisdom.  Now that I older I feel so much freer to do the things I love and be the person I want to be with or without other people's approval. Love this conversation starter!



    I almost feel the opposite. At age 69, I am out there doing things most people my age don't do. I may be slower than I was, but I am not stopping. This evokes a weird reaction from some. I moved to an over 55 community in 2021 and my neighbors pretty much think my husband and I are crazy Olympians. We are not! It's just that outdoor activity and fitness is a huge part of our lives. I don't expect others to be like me, and I am long past trying to be like people I can't compete with.

    Amen to this, @Crankin! Sounds like you are living the active lifestyle you love. 


    When I was younger, I used the negative comments to fuel my ambition.  If you told me I couldn't do something, you better believe I did it.  Not in a destructive way, but in sports. Like making a team or getting bumped up to to the level.  Now I try to stay away from negativity, as we have all learned to be our own person and surround ourselves with positivity and people who want us to succeed. 


    @Crankin I have two clients that I train that are 74.  These ladies are amazing.  I hope to be as active as they are at this age.  Keep it up, they may think you are crazy but you are inspiring them!!