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Commit to feeling good all 2022


I want to be intentional this year about only doing things that make me feel good. Last year I would have feelings of "imposter syndrome" because I wasn't taking care of myself like I should have.


I want to return to myself— to be unapologetically me. Things like cooking, pampering days, caring for plants, goal setting, and the occasional workout all make me feel like myself. 


What do you do that makes you feel like yourself? I want to remind ourselves to only do the things that make us feel good!




@NillaMarie I felt this in my SOUL! I want to do these too! I realized I was so busy last year I barely had time to do anything for my self-enrichment and just being grounded. I'd love to go on regular morning walks through the cute downtown near me (with a coffee as my reward), do morning crosswords at a slow pace, and just live in the disconnect with technology for a moment versus connect right when I wake up.  It still blows my mind how quickly a year went by. Definitely there with you this year!

@Leada_M - I included coffee in my favorite things that make me feel good 🙂 Great minds!

Its so hard to not look at technology when I first wake up, but I have been trying to go outside and get some sun to help wake me up! So you're joining the movement @Leada_M  🙂


@NillaMarie - I'm so glad you shared this. I was just thinking the same thing. The things that make me feel like myself:

1. Doing something creative/artistic (coloring, painting, creating in some way)

2. Laughing 

3. Traveling (and particularly visiting museums and learning about new artists!)

4. Coffee with friends (sounds lame but drinking a good cup of coffee with the people that make me smile makes me feel so good)

5. Champagne 🙂 (sorry, had to!)

These are all so lovely! Coffee with friends is not lame by any means, its such an intimate and nice way to connect with your loved ones. I love the note about traveling and checking out museums. Thanks for sharing @asparling1986 


Well-Being Week was great. Wanted to update: last week I cooked for my family, went to get a massage with my boyfriend, and went to the gym! It felt so good to do the things I love. Today I'm going to walk to my nearby coffee shop to get a matcha latte, hoping everyone is doing well

@NillaMarie your week sounds INCREDIBLE! I just read this at the right time because Sunday I felt some realizations about life and well being and I'm making a mental note to take these feel-good items on the to-do list mandatory. I can't remember the last time I got a massage? Also, how do you take your matcha latte? I don't think I've ever ordered one outside and that sounds delish!