I did some serious reflecting yesterday on International Women's Day. After tuning into the powerful instagram live by Alicia Keys and Simone Biles (with that live performance on the piano!?), listening to the conversation on empowering within (clic... 

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Like Leada_M I am also the daughter of immigrants. I am first generation Canadian Dane. My parents immigrated in 1958. Neither parent went to high school or university, although they both had trades. My father is a butter and cheese maker and my moth... 

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Stress in the workplace is a major factor in mental health issues. It’s a double whammy when you are a woman of color dealing with stress at work, those subtle biases, stereotypes, prejudices and everything else that comes with it. It is especially c... 

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This is such an important topic @ChiChioma, I am so glad you are bringing this conversation forward. In my experience, mental health is common in my community, but looked down upon. I've started surrounding myself with friends and colleagues who are ... 

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We are so excited to be celebrating women's empowerment with you all on AthletaWell! obé Fitness instructor Lulu S. has brought us four express workouts to empower you in all the things you do. So we have a challenge for you! For the next four days, ... 

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The full body stretch spoke to me the most due to all the stress I’m going through now. It felt great to loosen up the right muscles & to breathe deeply. It’s a great reminder that I need to stretch like this regularly, even daily if possible. 

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I popped into the Flatiron store this morning to check out the entire Alicia Keys x Athleta collection. The colors are amazing, fabrics are yummy. Everything fits pretty true to size with the exception of the Jumpsuit and the Joggers. It was my feeli... 

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Always love your posts and energy! ❤️ 

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Great Day Everyone! I am super excited to be in this space! I firmly believe we are stronger together! I am a be advocate for empowering women to be the best version of themselves! To love themselves first…allows them to truly love others! Mimi 律 

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Thanks for joining! Yes self love is the foundation to wellness ❤️ 

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Great find to follow! To get moving again is my goal this upcoming 2022! Massachusetts will not throw me under the bus! Remove the alpha bars of electromagnetics, cut down the disgusting lines of magnetic asphyxiation deforming me and my physiology, ... 

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Such an awesome goal @sharon2020! What ways do you plan on moving this next year? I know you'll reach your goals and you have a whole community of support behind you ❤️ 

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