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Fact: food is meant to be enjoyed



Restrictions don’t work. Diets during the holidays don’t work. Guilt doesn’t work. Enjoying food and listening to your body does. Letting go of unhelpful attitudes toward food will help you fully enjoy the holiday season. Have the cookie—or two! ‘Tis the season! What’s your favorite holiday treat?


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@Dalina_S -  So much information in  here!!  I believe in  everything in moderation.  I try to never feel guilty about  a cookie or a Cheeto, because I know one won't kill me or my healthy eating.  I think that is because I normally lead an active lifestyle and try to cook healthy foods.  And let's be honest, a salad isn't a punishment, it's delicious!  My favorite holiday treat is probably anything that is homemade.  I love trying anyones homemade cookie or pastry that is a family recipe.  I like to hear where this recipe comes from, and it's usually the same place:  their heart.  Thank you!