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There is a lot ideas and messaging about intuitive eating from online content, forms of media, and even from friends and family. And while it sounds simple to listen to your body and "eat when hungry" its, there are more nuances than just that!


It sounds great to have food freedom, ditch diet culture, and taking back pleasure with food, but how do we eat intuitively, really. Check out my 4-part series to learn what intuitive eating is, understanding the complexities, and tips on how to begin your journey with your body and food.



🎥  How We Stopped Trusting Ourselves With Food

Heather explains what eating once looked like before dieting entered our lives.


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🎥  Why Intuitive Eating Might Feel Wrong, But Not for Long

Heather explains why ditching a diet may feel strange and difficult, but does get better.


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📖  3 Ways to Ween Yourself Off Calorie Counting

Breaking habits instilled by diet culture can be done gently and gradually. Heather shows us how.


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🎥  What Is Food Trust and How Do I Know If I Have It?

Heather describes what establishing trust in your body cues may look like for you.


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Tell me in the comments below: What have you heard about the ideas of intuitive eating?