"I want a better relationship with food" (and food rules!)


This month I'm focusing our AthletaWell nutrition information on exploring our relationship to food, which in my work with clients, often involves exploring our own internal(ized) food "rules". Most of the time when I start working with a new client, they are looking to evaluate, question, challenge, and maybe even totally change their own relationship to food. It's complicated! And it's not easy work to do.


So, to get us started on this journey, I wanted to open some space for you to explore your own relationship to food. Here are some things to think about (and questions I often ask my clients!): 

  • How would you describe your relationship to food now?
  • If you wanted it to be "better", what might that look like, for you?
  • Have you thought about your "food rules" before? If so, what comes to mind? 
  • What would it mean to you to eat "healthy" but not have so many rules?

We'll have a few opportunities to explore this together throughout the month, so use these prompts to get started and share here if you feel safe doing so. 



Right now I am striving for a better relationship with food. I’m a big foodie, but got brainwashed from diet culture so I have to fight against thoughts that tell me xyz food is bad (carbs, sugars, processed foods). To me, healthy is being able to eat without prescribing a thought or emotion to it. Finding balance and eating what my body needs (+ a sprinkle of wants).


I love this topic since I have had a life long struggle with food and the "rules" around it.  I think we get so caught up in using the terms "good" or "bad" around food when in reality there is no such things as good or bad, there is simply choices.  Isn't eating "healthy" eating more mindfully.  Do we really have to punish ourselves for having that piece of cake?  I have come to place with food where if it doesn't make me physically feel good I stay away from it.  But I do believe that part of having a healthy relationship with food is also allowing yourself to enjoy it as well.  I have learned it's all about moderation...everything in moderation.


I don’t have food rules per se, but years back I read a book about food combining and it advocated eating protein and veggies together or carbs and veggies together but avoiding carbs and protein together. I have no idea if this advice is out of date or nutritionally valid, but it’s always felt good to my body to keep that in mind when meal planning or filling my  plate. Another guideline I appreciate is remembering to eat earlier rather than later. On the nights we eat by 6:30, I  feel so much better than on nights we eat at 8.