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    Nutrition Conversations


    When I'm running between meetings but need a quick snack, my typical go-to is chips and salsa, but I know there isn't much nutritional value, and I'll just be hungry (read: hangry) again in 30 mins to an hour. I'm curious about what you all recommend... 

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    Does anyone have a suggestion for quick protein packed lunches - especially post morning workout? Currently doing turkey or tuna fish sandwiches....any suggestions for alternatives? 

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    I have a gymnastics competition later today, and I was wondering what the best thing would be to eat before to fuel up, give me good energy, and strong mental power. Any advice? Thanks! 

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    Hey yall! I love and value community and I wanted to take some a minute to introduce myself in this beautiful community! My name is Aubrey and I'm a nutrition empowerment leader and coach! I love learning all things nutrition, wellness, and stress ma... 

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    Hi! I wanted to introduce myself and connect with women in the same space! I am a mom of 2 active boysI am a Registered Dietitian and Personal TrainerI just turned 40 .... My genetics are catching up to me I have a busy lifestyle with a partner who t... 

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    How do I get my 20 month old and 4 year old to eat more veggies? My husband and I eat veggies pretty regularly. The 4 y/o likes 復, 凌 and string beans. The 20 month old pushes away anything green. He is a fan of fruit and bread. I am thinking of makin... 

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