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What’s your go-to healthy breakfast?


I’m getting burned out on eating the same things for breakfast usually: Eggs with TJs everything bagel seasoning, rice cakes w cream cheese and smoked salmon, greek yogurt with almonds and honey


I’d love some inspiration to broaden my horizons. What’s your go-to healthy breakfast?



Chiming in as a human, who also happens to be the dietitian here. 😉 I've been loving a trail mix oatmeal by Picky Bars (not sponsored, just a fan!), which is a hearty oatmeal mix with chia seeds, dried dates, seeds, etc. for a little extra boost. I usually top with some peanut butter, but that's just a personal preference! I also love their cinnamon apple oatmeal mix. I also do greek yogurt but usually add a granola, sliced almonds, and maybe some chocolate chips for a little something different in the morning! And last but not least, a quick pancake mix that I love (and has added protein), Kodiak Cakes. Those have been a few of my go-tos!  

great rec Heather! and bonus points for the chocolate chips 😍

Thanks for the inspiration @Heather_C !

I second the Kodiak pancakes!! So easy to make and hits the pancake spot in the morning!!! 

Hi Heather

Glad to see another RD in the group! 😄 


I love these ideas, and I love adding some tasty chocolate chips too. Thanks for the recommendations. 

You could take your Kodiak cakes and add your Greek yogurt or sugar free pudding (I like the cheesecake) and make a pancake taco. Just add fruit,nuts or choc chips. A good to-go breakfast. 


The other day I made this AMAZING “everything oatmeal”. The base was steel cut oats, chia seeds, and riced cauliflower (I swear you can’t taste it). And topped it with rasins/cranberries/dried cherries, apples, blueberries, honey&cinnamon. I LOVE oatmeal and eat it almost every day lol


looks yum! 😍

Riced cauliflower!? I’d never think to use that in oatmeal, I’ll have to try it.

I’ve added shredded zucchini and same, you can’t taste it. Seems like such a weird combo, but I really like it! 😊 

Love the cauliflower rice idea!! I must try that.  


I make a once over egg on a Cassava or almond tortilla by Siete (in the refrigerated aisle at Whole Foods). I top with raw fermented sauerkraut and hemp seed! and any leftover greens from dinner the night before

I sometimes use the low carb tortillas for my eggs. I just learned of cassava flour last weekend and want to try it.

I LOVE Siete tortillas!!! I use them to make breakfast burritos & my amazing enchiladas.


OMG these look great! My go to healthy breakfast is maple & brown sugar oatmeal (that's realistically my only flavor I'm enjoy. Then I add chia seeds, a scoop of PB or almond butter, and add a fruit. My faves are strawberries, blueberries, or bananas. My other go to's are yogurt and granola.. but my hands down favorite breakfast yogurt is Noosa!


If you feel like opting for more Mediterranean, sometimes I make an over medium egg with salt, paper, dried dill, and lemon over it. It's delish!


I am in a rut but I eat a whole wheat english muffin toasted with almond butter and honey on it almost every morning. 


I can be terrible sometimes with breakfast just because I start getting into work and become so busy I pick up a larabar. But when I make a conscious effort, these are some of the meals I’ll make:


1. avocado toast w/or w/out egg whites and Trader Joe’s garlic sea salt (I love this spice)

2. Smoothie with frozen fruit- berries, canned or frozen pineapple, almond milk, spinach, a little bit of honey, and sometimes I throw some oats in.

3. Chicken sausage and Toast. There’s a big frozen bag from Costco of these sausages and they are light and not greasy. 

If you haven’t tried it- The sprouted raisin bread at Trader Joe’s - called Ezekiel (might have spelled that wrong) for avocado toast is amazing!!!!

great rec @Vermontgirl that sounds great as a base for avo 🥑 toast—tagging @Heather_C here to see if it's gluten-free , since that's what I'm looking for

Their main products aren't GF, but they do have a GF option! 

We also love the chicken sausages from Costco. Easy and quick with toast, eggs or even pancakes. When I get into a rut I will sometimes go away from traditional breakfast options and turn some of my usual lunches into breakfast. Chicken quesadillas, etc can be great breakfast options too. Or add fruit if it feels better 😉


Here is something that I have been eating lately that has protein, healthy fats, healthy carbs and no added sugars:

Plain greek yogurt (I use 0% or 2% milk fat) raw almond butter or better yet Nuttzo (blend of 9 different nuts, organic) and a handful of fresh blueberries. Mix it all up with a spoon and yum, you won’t be hungry till lunchtime.


I love toast (I use Trader Joe’s GF bread) with a sliced hard boiled egg (layer this first so the yolk gets warm) sliced avocado, sliced tomato, an topped with broccoli sprouts ( you can grow your sprouts inside using Hamama Greens seed quilts. They are amazing an super easy to grow - just add water)  p.s. this is not an advertisement, just a product/company I love. Their radish and kale sprouts are also awesome! 


I like overnight oats - oats, yogurt, almond milk, chia seeds and a protein powder.  I top with fruit, nuts and sometimes a little coconut.


Any good breakfast ideas for people in the office? I normally eat breakfast when I get to the office so I have a hard time finding other options besides oatmeal. 

Hi there! Something that can be cooked and packed the night before so all you have to do is grab and go is: 4 boiled eggs, (single serve) packet of guacamole (from Costco) and a 1/2 of raw kefir in a mason jar with 1/4 cup Elizabeth’s granola (lots of flavors to choose from) and a handful of berries or papaya on top. Not sure what your food preferences are but this is a meal packed with plenty of protein, fat, carbs, minerals and calories to satiate the body. Hope this suggestion helps.


See my reply from today, it’s all about making office oatmeal less blah! 

Made the night before and eaten in office: Hard-boiled egg wrap/sandwich, plain yogurt topped with whole (not instant) oats, cut fruit, nuts, spices, and, literally, just leftovers from dinner. 🙂

 My go to is a smoothie with 1 to 1 1/2 frozen bananas, 3/4 c. unsweetened coconut milk (any non-dairy is fine), approx. 2 tbsp. almond butter, and 1-2 tbsp. of ground flax seed.  You could add chia seeds too.  It's quick & easy to make and I bring it with me to work.  I really like it & it keeps me full for a good amount of time.

I totally understand, prior to retiring, I usually ate breakfast at my desk.  I try to stay with whole foods as much as possible.   I usually have a handful of raw almonds or cottage cheese.  The protein and fat in the will keep you feeling full longer.  I combine it with whatever fruit is in season.  I am a personal trainer and this is the advice I give my clients.  I usually try to get them to clean up breakfast first.  If you only eat carbs, you will raise your blood sugar and usually crash before lunchtime.  This usually leads to a mid morning snack. 


I'm also a dietitian! 

I have three go-to breakfasts that I basically cycle through:


1. I meal prep a frittata -- eggs, liquid egg whites, breakfast meat & cooked veggies into a cast iron, and sautee for about 5 mins then bake in the oven on 400 until set & golden on top. Cut into 4 big slices, microwave daily.


2. Oats + Greek yogurt + PB + berries


3. Premiere protein drink + frozen berries blended up as a smoothie + Belvita biscuits for whole grains! 


@oaktownish one of my favorite things to make is a little Starbucks wrap knock-off. 

I use one mini flatbreads, 1-2 eggs, fresh spinach, and goat cheese - it's so good, perfect for mornings in a rush or a prework snack.  Quick and easy.  14 g carbs, 10g fat, 20 g protein (w/2 eggs) 



One of my favorites is to top a grain (rice, quinoa, millet, etc) with sauteed spinach, mushrooms, or other veggies of choice, a fried or poached egg, some sauerkraut or pickled radish, and avocado. You can add some sort of seed as well.   Another good one for summer is a salad of mixed greens with bacon, boiled egg, roasted potato, avocado, and a vinaigrette.  Almost like a nicoise but with bacon instead of tuna.


Being someone who loves to eat healthy, I enjoy baking Muffins.  I call them "A meal in a Muffin"

Use healthy flour, like oat flour, ground flax, nuts, berries, eggs, milk of any kind, even some protein powder (hydrate before adding to dough) and stevia with some other sweetener like maple syrup or..... Bake, freeze individually and grab one on your way out.  Also, I love to bake "Breakfast Cookies"


As a die-hard breakfast person, I feel this. So many good recs already! I find, for me, prepping things the night before I go into the office helps a lot. Plain whole oats (packed dry in a heat-able container, 3 min in microwave, 1:2 oats:water) has been an excellent base; I think of oats as a grain like any other, instead of as a cereal. I’ll pack toppings in another container, like fruit (fresh or dried):nut:spices, hardboiled egg🍅avocado:chili powder, even something like frozen broccoli:shredded cheese has been great. Leftover grilled chicken and vegs or leftovers in general can get a makeover too! I love the savory oat possibilities. These combos are good ratios of whole grains, protein, and produce and I’m full for hours. I’m a dietitian, too (prob not the first or last to comment here), and I’d never recommend anything that wasn’t simple, nutrient dense, and flexible enough to be individualized. 


Organic GF OLD fashion Oatmeal with coconut water or fat free milk or nut milk, with fresh berries and a heaping tablespoon of ground flaxseed. 

A thin slice of Bobs Killer seeded bread with tomato and smashed avocado


Egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms (or whatever veggies are on hand) if I feel like it a very small bit of shredded cheese. Sometimes we just have to indulge


A green smoothie with spinach, celery, apple, 1 peeled but raw red beet, frozen wild blueberries, half avocado and coconut water and ice


Chia pudding! I use light coconut milk and make individual servings for easy grab and go. I add nuts, berries, or granola. On cold days, I heat it in the microwave for a few seconds. 


I happened to switch to a mostly paleo diet nearly a year ago (not for everybody).  I'd been eating Trader Joe's quick cook steel cut oats w/ peanut butter & cinnamon every workday morning for years, so I was really worried about what I'd eat for b'fast!  Now my go to is a smoothie with 1 to 1 1/2 frozen bananas, 3/4 c. unsweetened coconut milk (any non-dairy is fine), approx. 2 tbsp. almond butter, and 1-2 tbsp. of ground flax seed.  You could add chia seeds too.  I really like it & it keeps me full for a good amount of time.  I also like the Birch Benders frozen waffles (paleo ones for me) with almond butter & some turkey sausage.  I like eggs but they're hard for me to eat so early in the a.m.  I usually save those for the weekend! 


Oatmeal with apple slices and cinnamon.


I usually make a green smoothie to bring with me in the mornings (spinach, some fruit: apple or pear or mango or pineapple, vegan protein powder: 20 grams of protein at least, cucumber, turmeric, black pepper, ginger and lemon).  But, today I really wanted to chew something, so the meal prep I have been doing for dinners I brought and ate that instead.  I might have the smoothie for dinner tonight or a homemade soup (made by someone other than me) maybe both if I am really hungry.