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    What is your biggest struggle with committing to an anti-inflammatory diet?

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    I don't know what an anti-inflammatory diet looks like.  Would love to know.  I believe there are more veggies involved?


    Hi I am Ellen a Wholistic Nutritionist based out of NY for 30 years and the first thing to understand about anti inflammatory is which foods are acid forming and which ones are alkaline forming.  All fruit, veggies, quinoa, millet, amaranth are alkaline and as we are born 75% alkaline and 25% acid we need to keep this going in order to gain the best health.  An exception here is that as citrus fruits like orange and lemons may go in the body as acid, but the ash or residue left behind once metabolized is alkaline ash therefore contributing to our goal of 75% alkaline.  If you are new to this then at least strive for 50 50 daily. All proteins are basically acid. Also be sure to use unrefined organic oils when cooking as heating up other oils do cause inflammation in the body.  Stick with olive and avocado mostly as these can do high heat while cooking and do invest in an air fryer as you can make amazing crunchy coated dishes without the need for frying at high temps over a long period of time.