What if you trusted yourself around your favorite foods?


Hi AthletaWell friends! This week, I shared "3 Tips for Rebuilding Trust With Your Body and Food". In the video and article, we talk about what it might feel like to tap into that innate wisdom our body has* to nourish us, keep us alive, and enjoy food.  I know that because of the ways diets teach us to trust outside sources—meal plans, food lists, etc.— we forget how to use our own wisdom. 


I'm curious, after reading or watching the video, what thoughts do you have around this big question: What would happen if you trusted yourself around your favorite foods? What opportunities open up to you?


*A note: I practice as a non-diet dietitian, and part of that work is understanding various social determinants of health and systems of oppression, which have a much larger impact on our health than what we eat every day (and, of course, affect what foods are accessible and to whom). Additionally, some people do experience chronic medical conditions that impede their hunger and fullness eating cues. A non-diet approach is still available to any of the above, but will look different than it may for someone with consistent food access, financial security, and societal privileges. 


Where can I find this video “3 tips…”?

Hi @maryjblake, sorry about that! The link has been updated, but you can also check out the video here

Very curious about the idea of a non-diet dietitian. Where can I find more?

Hi @Eld3 ! Here's one of my podcast episodes where I talk with a fellow non-diet dietitian about what that means: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/rd-real-talk-registered-dietitians-keeping-it-real/id120856877... -- Hope that helps! 🙂