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What are your biggest challenges with traveling, nutrition, and eating on the go?


If you're traveling—by any mode of transportation—it means your food routine, and eating patterns, will probably change. And that's totally OK, sometimes it's even great, because it means you get to try lots of new food! But, it can also be a source of stress, or even anxiety, not knowing what options will be available and if they'll meet your needs. 


I'm curious, as you plan for some (Northern Hemisphere) summer travel, what's on your mind about nutrition, and eating on the go? What trips do you have coming up that we could help you prep for? (Even if it's like, "What lunch options are available at SFO for a layover? 🙂 ).


You read my mind! I’m excited/nervous to be traveling again this summer. Hopefully my family stays safe and healthy, but I’m also a little concerned about overindulging in the Midwest and then Hawaii. I’m not great about portion control. And I’m a little worried also about not finding space or time to exercise while traveling. I feel like I need it for my physical and mental health!

Traveling can feel really loaded these days! Tell me if any of these things are helpful: 

- Instead of thinking of it as "overindulging", try a reframe to "Savoring" things that you don't normally eat (if these are foods you love/enjoy, and/or that feel nostalgic or culturally important). 🙂 

- I know sometimes that traveling means eating something we actually *don't* like, but there aren't many options. So in that case, instead of feeling guilty or like you're doing something "wrong", maybe try the mindset that sometimes food is just fuel, and we need it to keep going! 

- While I don't know your preferred form of exercise (e.g. running, strength training, yoga, etc.), I wonder if it would help to try to give yourself a break from doing the usual things. Instead, try to see how it feels to take 10-15 minute breaks for a walk, stretch, yoga flow, or even quick strength circuit. (I feel like so often we think if it's not 20-30+ minutes, it doesn't "count", but it definitely does!) Sometimes even those little bursts of time can give you a mental health boost. 🙂 

These are really great ideas…savoring, food as fuel, and just getting some sort of activity in and not being too hard on myself. Thanks!