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Tips for filling snacks!


When I'm running between meetings but need a quick snack, my typical go-to is chips and salsa, but I know there isn't much nutritional value, and I'll just be hungry (read: hangry) again in 30 mins to an hour. I'm curious about what you all recommend for quick, easy, and filling snacks. Bonus points if they don't include hummus or peanut butter (I'm not the biggest fan) 


Just a few… Avocado on anything, or baked Sweet Potato slices, or Almonds (mix w/ Cashews + dried Cranberries)

How about a low fat string cheese and whole grain crackers or yogurt or cottage cheese and berries or even a protein bar. You want protein and a high fiber carbohydrate!! 

Hello, @davila1221 Snacks that help us avoid ‘hangry’ are mission-critical! I like to fit berries in wherever possible, so berries+low-sugar granola+non-dairy yogurt is one of my go-tos. Lately, I’ve been creating a spread of white beans and avocado (mashed with a fork) on a slice of whole grain bread/toast. With my favorite low-sodium seasoning it hits the spot!

White beans and avocado - I haven't heard of that before but it sounds great! 

It is! I try to eat mostly plant-based, so I’m in the habit of thinking how I can add more protein to every snack and meal. Beans have protein and calcium, too.


Snacks based around protein are a great idea because it will help keep you fuller longer and most of us aren't getting enough of it in our diets. 🙂 Typical snack foods are high in carbs and/or fat which can send our blood sugar soaring only to crash shortly after which makes us hungry quickly and craving more sugar/carbs. 


Some of my favorites are: 

A smoothie or quick protein shake (powder and water or almond milk or a premade one from the store if that's easier for you)

A piece of string cheese and a half serving of nuts

Raw veggies and dip (salad dressing or hummus?)

A small piece of fruit and a few nuts or almond butter (I prefer this to PB!) 

A protein bar (I look for ones around 200 cal and 15-20g protein) 


Hope that helps! I have lots of other ideas at 🙂 


Hi @davila1221, I started to type a response and realized you posted this a month ago! Hope you’ve discovered some good options. Here are my go-to snack ideas when I’m on the go and don’t have much time. I prefer items that I can consume quickly and transport easily without having to be heated. I’m not opposed to sugar in moderation. I don’t like artificial sweeteners so I don’t buy products that have them.

• yogurt (Greek or non-dairy) with no-sugar-added granola. Sometimes I’ll add berries.

*I like Alter Eco Organic Granola

• a divided container sectioned with dried fruit, seeds & nuts; good dark chocolate pieces; good/real cheese & wheat, almond or multi-grain crackers.

*I like Second Nature Antioxidant Smart Mix; good quality 70% dark chocolate such as Hu (they don’t add sugar and also have chocolate covered cashews & almonds which I sometimes add to the mix). 

• homemade fruit salad.

Good luck and have fun exploring what will work for you!


I put frozen berries in the bottom of the bowl, top with cottage cheese, a dollop of vanilla greek yogurt and finally some chopped walnuts.  This is a make ahead you can bring with you as the frozen berries keep the dairy cold and usually it's perfectly cool but not frozen in about 4 hours.  A pretty bowl with matching lid helps it taste even better 😉


For situations like this, I have been really enjoying the muffin recipes in Shalane Flanagan's cookbook Rise & Run - they are convenient, delicious, and filling because they use almond/oat flour instead of white flour (plus they have hidden vegetables, like carrot or zucchini). My favorites are the chocolate banana and the lemon blueberry chia.


I read the other responses for snack ideas and they are all great. I would also recommend sheep’s milk cottage cheese-I love to dip flavored nut thin crackers into the cottage cheese like a dip (super filling, great crunch, and protein to keep your blood sugar stable). 

I also enjoy a cup of hot chocolate that’s much healthier than your normal cup of cocoa. 
Recipe is: 

1 cup whole milk

1 teaspoon coconut oil

1-2 teaspoons of cacao 

1/2 teaspoon Ceylon cinnamon

1/2 scoop collagen (unflavored) 

3-5 drops of stevia or monk fruit sweetener to taste. 
Heat everything in a saucepan and whisk until smooth. Enjoy! 

I’ve been dairy free for so long that these dairy options have been a nice change to my taste buds lately. Thanks, Amy 

Member favorite snack–that sounds like it might fit your style–are these protein chips/puffs by a company called IWON. They're made from a pea protein, and I swear they stick with ya longer than you would ever imagine for a puff. I think they have ~10 grams of protein in an individual little bag. I'm totally addicted to them.


Hi there!! Great questions and I’m like you and not a super PB or hummus fan 🙃 I will pick up a tray of sushi at the grocery and pop 4 pieces as a snack for a little bit of everything (veggie, protein, carb) I also enjoy super easy homemade oat bars that don’t include all of the added sugars and do include all the “mix ins” you like: 


Another go-to is  yogurt (I find one with 10+ grams of protein) and mix in some berries, crushed pistachios and some Catalina Crunch cereal pieces 👌


hope you enjoy one of these!!


Date Balls made with orange zest, pecans/almonds or walnuts, a bit of ghee and vanilla extract


I like the little packs of crunchy edamame - high protein snack should help keep you satisfied 


When your goal is to satisfy hunger in an easy snack, think about things that have a high protein content first; protein will keep you fuller, longer, (fats will as well--but fats carry a higher calorie value, so it also depends on your overall goals, whether you are trying to stay lean, gain muscle, lose weight etc.). Quick and easy doesn't mean it needs to be processed or packaged... it may just need a mindset shift here, and some preparation ahead of time so you have a meal ready to be eaten (I don't see snacks as different than meals—I only see smaller or bigger meals, and with this way of thinking the possibilities are endless).


Lots of great snacks here (sushi, mmmm!)  I always choose real food when possible but I am impressed with how I feel with a protein shake made with a whole milk or full fat nut milk.  Quick to pull together and very portable in a shaker bottle.


Hi! I'm a personal trainer and nutritionist and honestly you need to focus on PROTEIN! This will be the most filling and help you stabilze your blood sugar, cravings and provide more for your muscles.  This is the number one thing that will help you stay less "snacky"




Bananas are always my go to!


Chomps beef sticks are my fav or beef jersey and some fruit! Trail mix, string cheese…those are some of my go-to’s!


I usually have small individual packaged unshelled Pistachios or Almonds in my possession at all times. Sometimes I will prepare a healthy snack if I know I won't have time to eat a meal because of a busy day. One of my go-to's slicing an Avocado in half (keeping it in the peel) and remove the seed. I drizzle some balsamic glaze on each half and then top with crushed Pistachios...I have a spoon and just scoop the Avocado/balsamic glaze/Pistachio treat out of the Avocado shell and's so yummy, healthy and surprisingly filling!


Hi @davila1221! One of my favorites is a couple of dates stuffed with walnut halves. I love peanut butter but this is a good alternative if you don't! Goat cheese is also a nice option here. A few other balanced snacks include ...

  • Cottage cheese with berries or pineapple
  • A boiled egg and a piece of fruit
  • Whole grain crackers (Norwegian crispbread, Ak-mak, Mary's Gone crackers) with a slice of cheese

I have a post on the power of snacks (with more suggestions) if you like more info: 


Fresh fruits (apple, cutie or banana ) are ideal . Or buy 6 pk of raisins and keep one in your carrier. T. Joe's has individual servings of almonds for those who have access to tooth brush after snacking...


Lynn (-: