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The cottage cheese craze


Ok all....I have made things from pasta sauce to ice cream with cottage cheese. Have you jumped on the trend?! What is your favorite things? I am a health coach and always looking for ways to sneak protein in and one thing I am good at is coming up with meals in the kitchen to make things easier for my clients. I find a lot of inspiration from others!

My latest high protein cottage cheese recipe was egg salad! 

In a nonstick, prepared loaf pan, add 400g liquid egg whites and 2 whole eggs (keep them whole and on opposite ends of the pan from each other)

Place loaf pan in a 9x13 pan that has water in it (about 1")

Bake eggs at 375 for 20-25 minutes

Meanwhile, make the other goods:

Chop veggies of choice (I like celery, onion and pickle)

Divide into 2 containers

Add in parsley, salt and pepper to taste, dash of a lite balsamic vinegar, mustard, sweetener of choice (I use swerve). 

Puree up 2 servings of cottoage cheese until smooth and add in some powdered ranch seasoning.

Divide everything equally into the 2 containers.

Allow eggs to cool.

I cut them down the middle and place that in one dish then chop the remainder for the other dish. So each dish will have about 200g whites and 1 whole egg. 

This recipe makes 2 servings (large servings) and each serving is 276 cals with 40g protein! 

Top with green onion! 

You can follow me on TikTok (@tonnajacobson) or IG @coach_tonna_jacobson to see a video demo and several other recipes! 


cottage cheese can be subbed for ricotta cheese in lasgna! So yummy


@TonnaJ - this is turning into my favorite thing to do!  I have made tomato sauce, taco seasoning, pickles, jam, chicken stock, applesauce, bread, ice cream, hummus......I feel like if you name it, I probably tried it!  I find myself searching recipes and if I don't have an ingredient, I try to make it!!  I think my favorite is apple sauce and ice cream.  The applesauce makes my kitchen smell amazing and I can use different types of apples so yummy!!  Ice cream is easy and I can add fun things if I want since the consistency is so soft while churning.   Yum!!!


This sounds good, but it is really hard to follow this recipe. If you broke it up into “prepare eggs” and then “prepare topping” (is that of what it is) and always say what you are adding things to, e.g., “add to egg mixture” that works be really helpful. Thanks!