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Share your *favorite* holiday cookie/dessert recipe!


Hi hello! I make chocolate chip cookies regularly, but am trying to get out of my baking comfort zone and add to our holiday cookie list. 😉 When I posted this question to my Instagram (@heatherdcRD), I loved seeing everyone's favorite holiday bakes! 


We made these chocolate crinkle cookies, and while they're a little too sweet for my palate, the rest of my fam was thrilled. 


What are YOUR favorite things (cookies or other desserts) to bake this time of year?? 


Hi there! People keep asking me for dessert recipes with added health benefits. For example, people are adding flax seeds, bee pollen and other ingredients to “boost” their recipes. Any thoughts on this?

Unpopular opinion: don't healthify a dessert recipe! Let it be what it is! We won't gain much, if anything, from trying to add "healthy" foods to a baked good, and it often just takes away from the satisfaction factor. There are plenty of ways to get in those foods with added health benefits without putting them in our favorite sweets. 😉 

Yeah it sounds kinda gross to add some of these things to a favorite dessert.