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Recs for protein / energy bars?



What’s your favorite bar? Which ones are actually “healthy”? I’ve avoided processed food the past few years, but life feels like it’s getting busy again, and I need to grab and go more often. 



I love Perfect Bars (the blueberry cashew is my favorite) — they can be found in the refrigerated section, but are fine out of the fridge for a week before eating them. I used to be an RX Bar person, but when I was opening my business I had WAY too many of them and haven't been able to look at them since. If I'm at the airport or something, I'll try to find the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt KIND bar, which are fairly easy to come by (in California at least)! 

Very cool that they are in the refrigerated section- I will take a look 👀 thank you 😊


oooh! this sounds like a question for @Heather_C 🥜

You’re showing my favorite in your photo. The chocolate sea salt is my go to when I’m running around.

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Community Manager

Would love to know @Chris_F's faves! Its so hard to know what is and is not "healthy"


Well - I'm not really a bar person - I make my own trail mix and carry a big bag (literally - lol) around with me.  I add raw pepitos, pistachios, almonds, cacao chips and sometimes I throw in some dried apple slices or cranberries - I just eat a handful or two!!  My husband loves that I bring it when we travel - it's our go-to.   BUT - I do always get stopped by TSA - they want to look at what's in the bag and then I start a healthy eating conversation - LOL!!   ***Disclaimer - if I do buy a bar it's the RX Bar or low sugar Kind Bar.

Chris I always get stopped by TSA 🤣what is it about healthy snacks that catches their eye on and then makes them get me to unpack all my stuff?—one time I brought homemade gf/df almond fudge brownies, which, like you said, triggered a conversation about healthy alternatives!

So I’ve done larabars and RX bars in the past but my all time favorite bar is a clif nut butter filled bar - chocolate hazelnut. I avoid dairy, peanuts, and soy so this is the best alternative I’m able to find! (So many bars have whey or peanuts to make them high in protein or healthier :/)

whoa! do they put chocolate hazelnut in as a FILLING?? chocolate 🍫 monster right here! @danielle have you heard of this?!


Unpopular nutrition opinion: I think the healthiest bar is the one that 1) you like! 2) is affordable for you and 3) meets *your* needs! Processed food gets a bad rep, but honestly, it's a subjective term -- there's no one way that folx think about what is or isn't "processed". /end rant. 😉 

That said! A few bars that either I enjoy and/or will recommend to clients (based on their needs/preferences):

  • Picky Bars -- these are vegan, gluten, dairy, and soy-free. So allergen-friendly! I like them because I like the company and want to support them, and find the bars pretty tasty. I do get sick of the texture after a while, though. (They're date-based.)
  • CLIF bars -- some people avoid these because of the "processed" thing, but I love them and find that they are more filling than some other bars. I also like the texture a little better than PickyBars or Larabars. And yes! @Laxergirl9 , I also love the nut-filled ones!
  • LARABARs -- another date-based option, often vegan, though they have a pretty extensive product line these days so I'm not sure what some of the newer bars are like. The OG larabar is just dates, nuts, and spices (and sometimes chocolate chips). It's not as high in protein as a CLIF or pickybar, so just something to keep in mind. 
  • KIND bars -- great for a crunch! Totally different texture than most other snack bars, which I'm here for. 
  • Perfect bars (cc @molly ) -- love these! They're super dense, which I like when I need/want something more satisfying. Only downside is the refrigerated part, but, it's not really an issue. (well, also, much higher price point than most bars listed here)
  • Bobo oat bars -- also very dense! I used to take these on long hikes and long bike rides. Kinda pricey, sometimes hard to find. 
  • UCAN bars -- I don't love the taste of these, but some clients I've worked with who have some stomach issues with other sport products tend to like these. 

The only thing I'd recommend steering clear of, or not having as often, is an artificially sweetened bar. No shame in the carb game, but more importantly, I think the taste is really unsatisfying. 😉


Wow learning so much and I don't know why I am seeing this post for the first time!  I love a good protein bar and can't wait to move back to CA and visit this section at Trader Joes.  At the moment I like the pure protein bars that are at Target or Costco.  They taste good to me and have a low carb/sugar level and pretty high protein.  I used to live off cliff bars in college and now I can't handle the sweetness.  Never have seen bars in the refrigerated section.  Will check that out! Great thread @aquagal49