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    Protein packed Lunches


    Does anyone have a suggestion for quick protein packed lunches - especially post morning workout?  Currently doing turkey or tuna fish sandwiches....any suggestions for alternatives?

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    before I worked out this morning I scrambled 1 egg and put it on half a piece of Ezekiel bread and the other half I put 1 tbsp of thrive market almond butter. I also ate horizon organic string cheese. This provided 15 grams of protein. I need more ideas myself! I’m going to hard boil some eggs for on the go. Many people suggest cottage cheese and Greek yogurt but I’m not a fan of either. I save my protein shake until after working out but that consist of vital proteins protein powder and a banana, blueberries, Califia almond milk.

    I have been putting Siggi’s greek yogurt in my lunches. They’re high on protein and less sweet (which I like…can’t eat sweet yogurts any more). As a vegetarian, I also start my day with a protein shake (fruits + veggies + protein powder + almond milk), but there’s no reason you couldn’t have it for lunch. I also like egg salad sandwiches which are easy to make if you boil the eggs the night before.


    My Husband and I will grill different proteins on Sunday and have it all week for lunch. Different healthy options like ground turkey burgers with cheese, lean pork chops and chicken breast. I take 3 oz for my lunch with a green and sometimes a 1/2 sweet potato.