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Meatless Monday Recipes for Earth Day

Community Manager
Community Manager

Last April for Earth Day, I planted a garden with lettuce, spinach, and herbs + shopped at local farmers markets to live a little greener. After reading this article from One Tree Planted, I think I want to try Meatless Mondays this year.


Does anyone have meatless recipes that are filling? I feel good on breakfast and snacks, but worried that I'll be left feeling hungry at lunch and dinner without the protein. Thanks for the recommendations!




If I eat out I like to get chow mein, veggie eggrolls, and garlic green beans (sometimes egg foo yung or scallion pancakes). Super filling and meatless!

I love garlic green beans as well; its my go-to at Chinese restaurants.


I really like the frozen falafel from Trader Joe's for a quick lunch. They are a little bit dry so I use a lot of hummus. 🙂 


I love it! Honestly, growing up, rice has always been a main dish for me. So sometimes I pair it with a stew. Lentils, kidney beans, greens, and other non-mean proteins are always helpful to feel full!

I grew up with rice as well! Beans are a super food and I eat several kinds in different meals including soups. I do have to limit rice intake as I have type 1 diabetes but replacing white rice with brown rice makes a substantial difference on my glucose profile. I do most of my own cooking so I know what is in my meals although that may not be practical for a lot of people. Regardless, it is always important to make good food choices. Thank you so much for your post, it made me hungry for the meal you describe😊


Meatless Mondays sounds great, Vanessa. This site has a lot of filling recipes:    Also if you go to the PETA site --> Living--> Recipes--> See All Lunch and Dinner Recipes (Linda McCartney's deep dish pie, oh my!!!).  I love sharing meatless recipes! 

Please do a lot more research on the concept of Meatless Mondays. It is NOT

desirable for most. Consciously sourced meat is always the best source of

protein. There is a lot of misleading (regarding harm to to planet and the animals  and

value of protein therein)  information being promoted, leaving many without 

essential nutrition. The suggestion is 'trendy' but not scientifically supported.