How Do You Reference Your Food Choices?


Recently while at a birthday party I was in the kitchen getting something to drink and another guest asked me, “When are they are going tor bring out the cupcakes?”   I had been eyeing them all night myself, and the sprinkles on top had been calling my name.  I told her that I was unsure so off she went to ask the hostess, and we got the green light to break them out.  As I was removing the wrapper from the outside of my cupcake she was watching me longingly…sans cupcake…so I asked her, “Did you get one”?  She said, “No I have been ”BAD” this week, so I am trying to be “GOOD”.


The minute I heard her say that it made me feel uncomfortable, as I too have used these terms to talk to myself or refer to myself when it comes to food.  Immediately I said “There is no such thing as BAD or GOOD…there are only choices”.


This mentality of because I ate this I am “Bad” or because I ate that I am “Good” can be to harmful to your psyche.  In the past if I was “Bad” I would beat myself up, which would typically result in me spending the whole day making poor food choices because ya know...I was already “Bad”… so why not be “Bad”  for the whole day,  or week, or month?


The idea that you will go through life never having a piece of cake, or cheese, chocolate or ice cream, or anything that feels indulgent, is something that I no longer subscribe to…isn’t it about your overall lifestyle?…the balance between exercising your body and your mind?


One of the biggest changes I have made is learning to speak to myself in a kinder way, and letting go of these “Bad or Good” references when it comes to my relationship with food.  Living a lifestyle where you think eat more mindfully naturally changes the choices that you make, and you begin to reach for foods that you enjoy, but also fuel you for longer periods of time, and provide overall health benefits.


Since I don’t really drink anymore, having a cupcake at a birthday party is one of the highlights of the evening for me, so you bet I’m going to have one!


What are your thoughts on this "Good" or "Bad" thinking in reference to food? Do you feel that this is a societal pressure? How do you reference your food choices?





Interesting conversation. I try to eat what I crave. But, I am dairy free, gluten free, and a pescatarian so no meat unless it’s fish or shellfish. I do eat eggs though. I feel like choosing a lifestyle choice that is GOOD for your overall lifestyle and body is the first step in making healthy choices. From there, it’s about trying to limit sugar/bad carbs and processed food. But as long as you are physically feeling good, you shouldn’t feel like you have to miss out on things in life. When you are 70 or 80 are you going to regret not trying that cake? Maybe!

I agree I think it is about choosing a positive and healthy lifestyle overall.  I have learned that everything in moderation works for me, and not just in general.