Favorite way to use chia seeds?


I gotta say I am so grateful for my digestive systems ability to handle most things. I try to be good about feeding it things that promote a healthy immune system and foods I feel more energized after eating.


I love stocking up on healthy food snacks and add-ons... figs, dates, chia seeds, nuts, etc. But chia seeds come in HUGE packs! I end up using them is at a teaspoon or sprinkle in my food/smoothies...but I still have so many left over!


Doe anyone have any ways they like using them they can share?


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Community Manager

Omg I wish they sold chia seeds by weight so I could scoop just as much as I need lol! But I like cooking my chia seeds in my oatmeal or I'll make chia seed pudding. I know there was a trend a few years back to put them in your water, but I'm not the biggest fan lol @Leada_M 

Yes! I have definitely done the oat meal but I haven’t done the pudding as much… I feel like there’s only so much I can take with the consistency. I’ll keep looking!


I just made a recipe for Pumpkin Pie Energy balls that called for chia and flax and I was super excited as most are just oats with nut butter for protein. 

I’d also love to hear more about the foods that make you feel more energized after eating them (and double bonus if they support immune function), as a mom of three girls, ages 6 and 2 (twins!), I’m always looking for healthful sources of energy, ideally foods vs supplements. 

Oh wow! That sounds delicious @rccook! For me, some foods that make me feel really light and energized (more in the snack realm) include dates, figs, peanut/almond butter, berries, and apples. Fruit is always a go-to. And honestly my pre-workout snacks after a long work day are either a banana and peanut butter or wheat thins with some form of protein like turkey & cheese. Our nutrition guide @Heather_C  is a perfect resource for this question!

The boba tea shop near my office has it as a topping so instead of boba I ask for chia. Great healthy swap.

What a fun and healthy swap @Valerie_C! I’m going to need to try that!