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Curious: What's a food you once thought you "didn't like" anymore because of strict diet rules??


Hi AthletaWell friends! I shared a post and video with you last week around building back up trust with yourself and the foods you love (you can see it here!), ultimately feeling empowered to nourish yourself in a way that feels good for you. Something I hear so often from clients is a rediscovered love for some foods, after they stop dieting. They realize, "I convinced myself I didn't like this thing!" when really, they love it...or, at least, really enjoy it. 


I'm curious: what food comes to mind for you?

Some really common answers in my client work: sandwiches, bagels, big bowls of pasta, so many cultural foods, and even simple things like certain salad dressings, or butter on bread (or just, butter, with anything). Maybe these resonate with you! 


Yep! Butter, pastries, anything sweet.

@melsiewarner_1 whew, and hopefully you can enjoy those things now! 🙂 


I love this post! Honestly I think I stated re-considering salad dressings and even yogurt... I'm so happy I stopped thinking so hard about them and made peace with it. Worrying about the "non-fat" or "low-'fat" options wasn't doing anything for me. So lately I've found my favorites - Primal Kitchen's dressing and Noosa yogurt for breakfast! 

@Leada_M yasss, love Noosa yogurt! Also a big siggi's fan (full-fat, all the way). 


for me it's definitely sweets and generally eating a lot more fat in my diet (butter, oils, mayo, dressings). it feels good to eat them when I really let myself ENJOY them. 🙂 

@Dani_P yes, thanks for sharing! We are definitely still collectively recovering from the "Low-Fat Era" of nutrition things...decades later! 


@Leada_M I wonder if we will see my food preferences change. Maybe I will actually like butter on my quesadillas.