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Breakfast ideas for food allergies: Egg, Wheat and dairy nd don't like shakes


I am really struggling to get a protein-packed breakfast with my new allergies. I don't like shakes, I find I crave chewing food and no matter how dense a shake is I want to eat more very soon after having one. I see lots of recipes that are sweet potato scrambles with meat but that gets old after a while. Maybe I have to stop thinking of breakfast in the traditional way. I miss eggs, greek yogurt and cottage cheese soooo much!


Hi Tahra! As bad as that feels, there are great dairy substitute products available (including yogurt), as well as gluten- and wheat-free breads (you can’t really replace a good egg though). It’s a better time than ever for those restrictions, both with substitute products and online recipes. Our family likes Earth Balance for butter, Cocoyo or Cocojune for plain yogurt/recipes, almost any plant-based yogurt brand that has a flavor you like, Violife for cheese, Follow Your Heart dressing and cheeses, Kite Hill everything, Forager everything too (except cream cheese… haven’t found one we enjoy). Several brands for soft cheeses but I can’t recall right now. Little Northern Bakehouse for bread… go to their main webpage and click on “Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes” for ideas, grill up a ham and Follow Your Heart Gouda sandwich with some Dijon, make some avocado toast. Lastly, there are so many of us out there, so you’re part of a new community. Try to feel lucky for all of the great options you DO still have, because like so many other things in life, it’s all about mindset.

For DINNER - try Kite Hill ravioli.   We love their Mushroom ravioli.  Kings sells it.  Zero cholesterol and dairy!🙂

Thanks for your time!  I do appreciate se many of these brands but I am trying to get 20+grams of protein in breakfast! 

Noble Plates makes a meatless crumble that is high in protein and flavorless. I add it to my oatmeal. Also you can make protein pancakes that are gf, dairy free and egg free. I make mine using Orgain protein powder and an almond protein flour by Bob’s Red Mill. In my experience dairy free yogurts do not have a lot of protein in them. I remedy that by adding protein powder. Then top with granola and berries. I hope this gives you some ideas. I have food sensitivities too. I know it can be frustrating to find palatable options for breakfast.


Eggs are hard to replace! The egg substitutes like Just Egg are expensive, which isn’t really sustainable. Being vegan, that’s probably the hardest one for me to get around, but I have a few suggestions you could try:

I really like chickpea flour quiche! Search “Ela Vegan chickpea flour quiche” and use her recipe. It’s texturally pretty similar. I also have used tofu blended with spices to make a quiche filling as well. 

Another one you try is mung bean scramble (search “minimalist baker vegan scramble no tofu”). You can do it scramble-style or mix in sautéed veggies for omelet-style. Be sure to get shelled, split mung beans, otherwise you’ll be enjoying green “eggs” (taste is fine, just weird color-wise).

I hope these help!


Have you tried duck eggs?  I am allergic to chicken eggs, but could have duck. They are actually more nutritious. Larger and a little richer, so if you try, maybe have less than you’d have with chicken eggs.  


When growing up we sometimes had "breakfast for dinner" since a traditional egg, bacon, toast breakfast was my father's favorite meal, but he did not have the time to eat it in the morning.  So, why not flip the script and have dinner for breakfast?  How about beans (very British) and grilled tomatoes and sausages (vegan or otherwise)?  High in protein and filling, too.  Or, a taco bowl or fried rice with all the protein additions you prefer and leave out the eggs?  My favorite breakfast has always been pizza, perhaps some of the suggested cheese alternatives would make a nice pizza topping and you could add the veggies of your choice for added nutrition.  Hope you find agreeable substitutes soon.

I also usually don’t include wheat, eggs, and dairy due to intolerance and food allergies but there are so many breakfast options.  A hearty bowl of gluten free oats with berries, a sliced banana, a drizzle of honey and cinnamon is filling and delicious.  If you miss yogurts, try a coconut yogurt with gluten free granola for an added crunch and organic berries.  Another favorite of mine is gluten free toast with almond butter or peanut butter topped with a banana or avacado toast with everything but the bagel spice and sliced tomato.  Yum!  I also recently discovered Trader Joe’s vegan banana bread and it is delicious especially if you are craving a sweet bread or muffin in the morning with your coffee or tea.  

Coconut yogurt is life changing!!

Thanks for your time!  I do appreciate and use many of these brands/ types of foods  but I am trying to get 20+grams of protein in breakfast! 

Almost no protein 😞

How about roasting a big sheet pan of veggies you are able to eat and batch cook some breakfast meats you enjoy. Top with a yummy sauce. You can email me for more suggestions….it’s what I do for a living.

instagram- @nutritionkitchenandbody

I think this is my best option. But it’s what I already eat for dinner and lunch! 


A warm quinoa bowl is a nice option. Balance it out with some nut butter, fresh fruit, and unsweetened almond milk. If you're up for it, you can mix unflavored collagen peptides into the quinoa to up the protein a bit. 


Lentils and / or beans with vegetables with a side of fruit would also be great! 


Best of luck 🙂 


20g+ protein options:


Muesli (oats+almonds+chia+flax+raisins+tart cherries) soaked overnight in Good Karma milk alternative = 20g protein


I like Truvani protein. You can use vanilla flavor in pancakes, add to plant yogurt, or add to plain overnight oats made with water.


Tofu scramble is a great alternative. Tempeh with an ample side of spinach. Chicken or turkey links with a side of avocado and gluten free toast.