Advice for Cooking for my Family



Cooking for my family stresses me out. With everyone home because of the pandemic, it is hard to keep up with all the meals and groceries. I order groceries to be delivered to the house which makes things easy. I'm struggling with getting creative and figuring out what to make for dinner each night.

I have a grown daughter who cooks for herself. But I take care of my mother (who doesn't like to eat) so its hard trying to make meals for her that she'll eat. Also, my husband is picky so I have to make a meal for him as well. We are trying to get my mother to gain weight and my husband to lose weight so every night I have to make 2 meals. I need meal ideas that are somewhat healthy and easy to make. I think I'm going insane trying to feed all these picky eaters.



Maybe a protein bowl sort of style would help everyone. Your daughter could help prep too. Cook 2 proteins that cover everyone's likes. Steam or roast 3-4 veggies. Chop some raw ones too & have some leafy greens ready. Cook a grain like quinoa or brown rice. Place all options in bowls for each person to create their own combo. Choose some sauces or dressings - there are so many healthy ones in produce section these days. With these ingredients in containers in the fridge there are many options for both lunch & dinner, salads or bowls.

Thank you so much @fbnutrition for your suggestion, I really appreciate it. This makes it easy where I can assemble all the bowls or lay out all of the ingredients like a buffet style for them to make. I will probably get some non-healthy toppings and dressings for my mother to help with her weight gain. 

Great idea!!


Bowls are a great idea! Easy to customize. My advice is also to try to plan what you will have each night to take off some of the stress of "deciding what's for dinner".  And don't be too hard on yourself, most times, simple is better! chicken and veggies, turkey burgers and veggies, etc. It doesn't need to be fancy! 

Agreed! When I get off of work the last thing I want to be doing is cooking up a 4-course meal. Them being picky is always the hardest part, I'll be cooking and then come in to say that's not what they want. At this point I just cook and walk away, if they don't want it that's their problem 😂 @almiller23 


I just want to first say: this sounds really challenging! You're meeting a lot of needs, and hope you're also able to meet your own. 🙂 I have three kids, two of which are toddlers, so in some ways it sounds similar to the way things play out in our house (very selective eating, unpredictable appetites, etc!). I'm wondering if it might be helpful to involve your mother and husband in the process? It sounds like you're taking on a lot, and maybe that's the norm, but maybe that could shift a bit? Would they be open to providing some input on the grocery list so that they can chime in with their own preferences vs. you trying to anticipate what they might like?
And, I'm curious, what are YOUR preferences? 🙂 What do you like to eat? 
I know you're looking for meal ideas, but sometimes I think it helps to step back and involve more people in the process, while also considering meals that you will enjoy as well. 
Do you prefer to find meals via cookbooks, websites, social media accounts? 
Last but not least: It may not be that you need to make so many different meals, but make one meal and consider supplementing your mother's diet to help with weight gain/maintenance (e.g. with smoothies, extra snacks, etc especially if she's not eating much at meals anyway). 
I hope that's at least a little bit helpful!