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    Movement & Fitness • 12 min watch

    Let it Go—On Demand Mindful Movement Workout



    It's time to let it go. Sometimes that's a little easier said than done.


    This 12-minute mindful movement practice is designed to help you release what's not yours to hold, and find space to ground back into you. Through low-impact sculpting, cathartic cardio release, and mindful pauses, step off your mat feeling more balanced, open and expansive in body and mind. Tell us, what are you releasing? If you don't yet know, this practice will help you visualize it.


    You can access the playlist for this practice here! If you would like to move with music, press "play" as we come down onto our mats and begin practice in tabletop position.


    *NOTE: the cathartic cardio release sections can all be done with or without jumping. Please modify, slow down the pace, and honor your body throughout the practice.


    Share in the comments below or on the conversation post HERE what you're releasing for a chance to win a special prize* Now, grab your mat and hit play!



    - Yoga mat

    - Shoes not required


    *AthletaWell, non-Gap Inc. employee, members who comment on this post or on THIS conversation between 11:59pm PST Sunday January 9 - 11:59pm PST Thursday January 13, 2022 qualify to win the special prize. The winner will be selected at random based comments on this post or THIS conversation and will be notified by direct message from the AthletaWell Team in the AthletaWell platform by 9pm PST on Friday January 14, 2022. The winner will also be announced via conversation post by 9pm PST on Friday January 14, 2022 by the AthletaWell Team. All comments must adhere to AthletaWell’s community guidelines HERE.