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Happy New Year AthletaWell!


We are so excited to be bringing you four NEW 10-minute Express Workout videos with obé Fitness instructor, Alex. The new set of videos include cardio boxing, sculpt, vinyasa yoga, and even a ride class!


CARDIO BOXING > is an incredible two-for-one conditioning and cardio full-body workout that will boost your endorphins while strengthening your cardiovascular system.




LOWER BODY SCULPT > focuses on toning, lengthening, and sculpting your body with sequences aimed at fatiguing each muscle group.




VINYASA YOGA HIP OPENER > flows seamlessly from one posture to the next, building strength and length, all guided by your breath.




RIDE > brings high-intensity, low-impact cardio to any bike you have handy.





Take the workouts in order, out of order, stacked together, or one at a time. These videos are catered to you, whenever and wherever you are. All we ask is that you dedicate just 10-minutes to you.


So, which one got your heart pumping? Tell us in the comments below which workout you liked the best! 



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