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Happy Black History Month AthletaWell family! obé Fitness is holding space this month by honoring Black history and writing our story today.


We are excited to drop four NEW Express Workouts. Check them out below and let us know in the comments which was your favorite!


Herstory Dance HIIT >

Join Ana for this fun, beat-based dance party which honors Black History Month and celebrates the present.


Lower Body Strength >

Grab your weights for this lower body focused strength session. Ana takes us through goblet sumo squats + tempo split squats.


Restorative Stretch >

Relax, unwind + relieve any excess tension with this gentle, full body stretch. Standing + mat-based stretches focus on relieving tension in the neck, hamstrings, lower back + hips.


Upper Body Strength >

Strengthen your upper body with this simple yet effective strength session. Ana guides us through lateral shoulder raises, bent over reverse flys, overhead triceps extensions + pushups!



Ana C Upper Body Strength.jpgAna C Lower Body Strength.jpgAna C Herstory Dance HIIT.jpgAna C Restorative Stretch (1).jpg

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